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From: "Betty Sellers" <>
Subject: 1933 Cadiz Record - Old Postoffice - abandoned towns and postoffices
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 20:13:22 -0800

Cadiz Record - 1933.... OLD POSTOFFICE ABANDONED...

How many know the names and locations of those that have been abandoned and
many now forgotten? those now know are Monroe, Warrington Della, Chewning,
Salineburg, Shamrock, Rogers, maggie, Diamond, Donaldson, Maple Grove, Kyle,
Trigg furnace, Rock Castle, Wring, Montgomery, Caledonia, Roaring Spring,
tuggleville, Laura furnace, Futrell, Turkey Creek, Fenton, Bleidt. The
rural free delivery carrier service lately established has been the chief
cause of the abandonment of village post offices, although the entire
abandonment of towns has been the cause of some of the losses, the towns of
Monroe, Warrington and Montgomery being the most notable....

ROARING SPRING - one of the oldest post offices. The village established
about 1816 by Cornelius Burnett and was known as Burnett's Spring. Mail was
carried there by star route from Hopkinsville making a round trip daily via
church Hill, Newstead, Bee dee, Roaring Spring, Lafayette, Bennetstown,
Herndon and Bevely.

ROCK CASTLE and TRIGG FURNACE are other old established placed to be abanded
as post offices. Mail was carried on a star route from Cadiz via Trigg
furnace to Rock cast.e. among the carriers one was the late FELIX GRASTY,
County Clerk, who as a boy rode horse back and carried this mail.

MAPLE GROVE was established by Mr. C.T. Bridges many years ago and was kept
in his dwelling house as a convenience for him as he was a man with much
business and the mail was carried there.

was later placed on this route and the first kept by Tom Thomas and later by
his father, Chilt Thomas. This was one of the most prominent star routes in
the county and now remembered carriers included, Jerry Sled, Col., Brinkley
House, Lee Sled, Col., Sam and Ewen Carr, Col., and also Gus Crenshaw, col.,
who walked a good deal of the time and carried the mail. Iv McCoy, Jim
Weeks, Gen. McCoy, Lum Weeks, Wm Scholar and Lum Sumner were carriers in
later years.

was probably the most prosperous of the towns that have been completely

was the post office kept b y the Dunn's at their place of business as the
seat of government in the well know district of Long Hollow in the southern
end of the county.

was on the creek on the same name in the south end of the county and among
the men who were post masters, Col. Frank Carr is the only one now living
near there.

COL JOHN E CHEWNING had a post office b y the name of CHEWNING at his store
where Carr's store is now. His bro in law SAM SIMMONS used to live with
them and handled a lot of the postal work.

was a post office kept by JIMW ILKINS at his store at Little Mill on Sinking
Fork Creek.

was kept by FREEMAN ROGERS at his dwelling on the old pike between Roaring
Spring and Linton.

was kept by MR I B PORTER at his dwelling near Oakland and was named for his
sister, Miss Maggie Porter.

was Dr. J.M. Skagg's office of Donaldson Creek and the mail was carried from
Donaldson up there by "Uncle" William Turner, who walked, although then over
90 years old.

was kept by W.R. Smith, carried of RFD No 3 now, when he operated a store at
Blue Sring.

was kept by a Mr. E.R. Wring at his store and shop near Adams Mill close to
Southern Academy.

was another wide-awake place of business back when Esq. T.J. Hammond of
Hopkinsville and others had large stores here. Roy Wadlington still carries
on business there.

was also a place of much business back in its day, having been established
by the late Col. J.F. Gentry, and was in full operation and up to the time
of the War Between the States, being located near the Tenn state line
between the rivers.

FUTRELL was located Laura Furnace and was carried on by Mr. R.H. Futrell in
his sotre.

TURKEY CREEK was kept by Richard futrell at his sotre some four miles south
of Golden Pond on Turkey Creek.

FENTON was on the Tn River at Eggner's Ferry and was carried on by the late
J.D. Smith and W.M. Smith.

BLEIDT was kept by E.R. and L.C. Bleidt at their stor enear the mouth of
Little River.

TUGGLEVILLE - was a unique place with the post office dept. It was on the
Roaring Spring road and about eight miles S.e. of C adiz.
Betty Sellers

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