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From: "Betty Sellers" <>
Subject: 1886 Madisonville Times
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 20:10:18 -0800

1886 Madisonville Times

The MADISONVILLE TIMES reports a most thrilling episode. " A young lady
here, MISS MOLLIE BACON, had a terrible experience last Sunday. she had
been visiting at her grandfather's, int he country, and the parlor of her
father's house had b een unused for several days. She returned Saturday and
Sunday she went into the parlor, laid down and fell asleep. She was aroused
by a sense of suffocation and felt something on her neck and face. She
sprang to her feet, when to her horrors she discovered that she had been
disturbed by a venomous snake, a spreading viper. Miss Bacon's mother tried
to sweep it out. It did not seem to be vicious, only crawled around the
pillow, as though seeking for warmth. It was finally killed. Another
citizen in that part of town found one of these same retiles in his house a
few days ago.

Betty Sellers

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