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From: "Betty Sellers" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 21:18:17 -0800

DEPUTH SHERIFF GORDON HANBERRY had quite a lively experience one day this
week. He went out in the country to arrest a man on a warrant from Lyon
county. The fellow was mixed up in a shooting scrape down there. Gordon
says that when he arrived at the place he met first the father of the young
fellow who invited him into a room where his man and a brother were sitting.
He read his warrant and proceeded to make the arrest, when the older brother
grabbed a shot gun and presented it at him tellin him "not to touch his
brother or he would empty 24 bucks shot into him" Gordon chose the part of
discretion and came home. He swore out a warrant for the fellow that brung
in the shot gun and yesterday two officers went down to get the two men.
The names of the offending parties were given to us as MORRISON.



It will be remembered that last week we reported the attempt of DEPUTY
SHERIFF HANBERRY to arrest one WILLIAM MORRISON on a warrant from Lyon
county. HANBERRY went to Morrison's home last Tuesday week to make the
arrest, but his man refused to submit and the deputy chose the part of
discretion and came home without him. Morrison's brother, John and his
father were present at the time and exchanged words with the officer,
intimating that if he attempted to make the arrest they would kill him.
Hanberry swore out a warrant of arrest for John. Mr. Hanberry reported the
affair to SHERIFF BOYD who with MR. H.E. WILEY and MR. ED CLAIBORNE
proceeded to the house of the Morrison's last Tuesday to bring the offenders
to justice. the three officers left the city early in the morning, and
after a ride of 17 miles, on the Princeton road, halted in front of the
house at 1:30 p.m. They were well armed for the occasion because they knew
they had determined men to deal with. Sheriff Boyd hailed the house and in
response Bill came out. the Sheriff stated his business telling him he had
come to arrest him. Bill told him he couldn't do that and turned to walk
away. Boyd told him to halt. Just at this time JOHN MORRISON fired a shot
gun at the officers from a side door. Things began to look serious. In
response to Boyd's command to halt, BILL MORRISON turned and was in the act
of drawing his pistol., when Mr. Boyd brought down his shot gun and planted
a load of buckshot in the offender's back. The man fell and took no futher
part in the exercises. From the time on a general gusilade ensued. The
parties in the house fired from the side and front door. Mr. CLAIBOURNE
says JOHN MORRISON aimed and fired his gun at him but the load passed over
his head. He guarded the door with his pistol and fired every time the
enemy appeared. MR. WILEY was also on the alert with his weapon, but came
out of the engagement with several holes through his clothing and a finger
scraped by a flying ball. MR. BOYD also fired another ineffec tive shot
from his gun. the officers claim that over 20 shots were fired, being
equally divided between the respective sides. The firing continued till the
ammunition of the MORRISONS gave out and they then came out of the house
with their hands up. The old gentleman and lady weremuch escited, the
latter thumping the officers with a board after actual hostilities had
ceased. She would not permit them to approach the body of her dying son and
drove off every attempt of the officers to pacify matters. JOHN MORRISON
was placed on a horse and brought to this city. Under pretense of getting a
match to light his pipe he pulled out his knife to cut SHERIFF BOYD, so the
officers say. All parties agree in saying that WILLIAM MORRISON was
fatally wounded and is probably dead at this writing. The arrival of the
officers in the city with their prisoner and the story of their gloody
encounter soon spread over town and was the cause of much excitement.
Wednesday morning crowds of inquisitive people gathered around the court
house and at the jail to hear the story and see the man who had the grit to
defy the officers. The above facts is the account of the affair as given by
the officers.
Betty Sellers

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