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From: "Betty Sellers" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 21:50:30 -0800


She is not quite forty years of age, medium size, lithe, active, nimble as a
cat, with eyes that in a slightly darkened parlor glistened like two balls
of fire. When younger she must have been handsome, and it is not at all
strange that she should in the course of her lifetime have captured four
husbands and several lovers. Her talk is voluble, nervous, but decided in
tone. She emphasizes her periods with a stamp of her foot, occasionally
tosses her head upward defiantly, laughs as heartily as if no care ever
worried her, and plainly evinces that she fears neither God, man or devil.
Her hair is coal black and curly. They used to get $25 and upward for a
cadaver, she said, but since the new law passed giving all unclaimed dead to
the colleges the market price fell to $15. She acknowledged being
implicated in the stealing of GENERAL HARRISON'S Corpse from the North Bend
Cemetery, but denied having done the job herself. She said she had been
paid in the case for giving information which led to the finding of the
corpse in the Ohio College pickling vat. Her familiarity with the location
of the innumeralbe little graveyards that dot the surrounding country is
remarkable. In former years, when on her body snatching raids, she
invariably drove a Gray horse. Many a band of mourners have wondered who
that good looking strange lady in the last buggy of the funeral procession
was. It is said to have been her custom to attend the funeral for the
purpose of locating the places of burial. In the stillness of night she and
an an assitant would return and make a raise for the benefit of science.
The presence of a woman in a buggy always helped to ward off the suspicion
of any officer who might observe the belated travelers. At times the body
would be set upright in the buggy or spring wagon alonside the driver and
held in position by the aid of ropes. A cigar stump might be rammed into
its mouth and a slough hat pulled down over its eyes. In this way,
especially with a lady driver, a corpse might be taken through the crowded
city after dark, unobserved, and yet within full view of all whom the
vehicle passed on the way.

* When I typed this for entry into the abstract's... I left out that ....
"upon stealing the corpse - they would bust the coffin open with an axe --
tie a rope around the person's neck and pull them from the coffin which
would break their neck...' Now you talk about gorey details..

Betty Sellers

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