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Cadiz Record Jan 1905

Prominent People Married At Cairo After Many Difficulties
Bride 19 and Groom 59
After several unsuccessful attempts and much inconvenience and worry, Mr.
F.D. Osburn and Miss Molly J. Curtis, of the Canton neighborhood, were
united in marriage at Cairo, Ill., last Tuesday bu Joseph Sfeagala,
propriter of Uncle Joe's Hotel and an ex-county Judge. Mr. Osburn is one of
the most prominent citizens in the Canton neighborhood, is 59 years old, and
had been married before, his wife having been dead, two or three years while
his bride is a daughter of Mrs. Lucy Curtis, until recently of, the blue
Spring neighborhood, and is a very popular young lady, 19 years of age.
Objection to the grooms age, on the part of the bride's people was the cause
of them going to another state to marry. The following facts concrning the
courtship and marriage, were given us by the groom. Mr. Osburn had been
paying Miss Curtis some attention for several months, who, until a month or
two ago, lived with her mother and sister near blue Spring. But
anticipating their intention, and objecting on account of the advanced age
of Mr. Osburn, Mrs. Curtis rented her farm out about last November and with
her two daughters went to Marshall county to live with a married daughter.
This of course interfered for awhile with the plans of Mr. Osburn and his
betrothed, but they soon got letters to each other and arranged to be
married on the 5th of December. At the appointed time the grom went to
Marshall county for his bride, but their plans were again thwarted, and he
was only permitted to see Miss Curtis for a minute or two and then in the
presence of her sisters after which she was locked up in a room and kept
until Mr. Osburn had gone although he was compelled to remain there all
night on account of the unusual darkness and being in a strange country. He
returned home alone, but with the full determination not to be out done in
his matrimonial pursuits. Finding that this distance was no very great
obstacle in the way of these determined lovers, the bride to be was then
sent to Ballard county to live with her brother, Mr. Ben Curtis. This put
them to some disadvantage for a while but all communication was cut off
between them. But finally Miss Curtis made arrangements with a cousin in
Ballard county to mail and receiver her letters for her. There it was that
they arranged the final meeting, which was successfully carried out last
week. She agreed to meet Mr. Osburn at La Center, a station about three
miles from the home of her brother, last Tuesday morning. So he in company
with Mr. Robert Boyd, of Canton, took the train and went to La Center at the
appointed time where they were met by Mr. Ben Curtis, who in order to keep
his sister from coming to meet them as she had arranged came to meet Mr.
Osburn. Mr. Boy and Mr. Osburn were carried to Mr. Curtis' home, were the
young lady awaited their coming. After a futile attempt to persuade his
sister to give up her intention to marry Mr. Osburn, he agreed to go with
them to Cairo, where they were made man and wife that afternoon. They came
back and spent the night with Mr. Curtis and the following day caught a
train for Kuttawa and thence by boat to Canton, where they arrived Thursday.
The Record joins a host of friends and relatives in extending to Mr and Mrs.
Osburn hearty congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy life.

Betty Sellers

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