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From: "Carla Dixon-Wolcoff" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 08:43:01 -0700

Christmas on Bainbridge Island, Washington was a real family
affair. As a child, I rmember the ferry ride from Seattle to the
Island to the home of my grandparents, Nuna & Nuno. What a special
day Christmas was for me!

It was the day of Christmas
I remember it well.
The turkey was cooking
What a wonderful smell.

Nuna in her apron and
Nuno with a smile,
Had just settled down
To talk for awhile.

They laughed as they told
About "old special ways",
And how different it was
In the "good old days".

When outside the house
They heard such a chatter.
They wondered what was it
And what was the matter?

The door of the house
Sprang open and then,
The children came running,
They welcomed them in.

The rest of the family
Arrived right away,
Expecting the usual
"A wonderful day".

The Aunts and the Uncles
Gathered us near,
To give us the news
And wish us good cheer.

The singing commenced
As if by a sign,
And we all joined in
At the very same time.

We laughed and we cried
As we gathered together.
We told some old stories
About one another.

The table was there
For others, we knew.
Nor for us children
As we had one too!

Far out in the kitchen
Another was set,
Just for the children
And Oh! what we'd get.

Grace at the table
Was said with great care,
In hopes of good fortune
For the in-coming year.

The dinner was trukey,
Spaghetti and such.
A wonderful feast
But we all ate too much!

While the parents did dishes,
We kids disappeared.
We hid from the mess
That we needed to clear.

And then it came time
To give a hug and a kiss,
To those that we loved
And those we would miss.

We said our goodbye's
With the usual flair,
Knowing we'd gather
Again next year.

For as long as I live
And as old as I get,
I'll always remember
And never forget.

Carla Dixon-Wolcoff


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