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From: "Jo Huddleston" <>
Subject: Re: Bethesda News 1906
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 18:18:56 -0500

Betty - this has nothing to do with the email below, but I just had a
thought. My great-grandparents, Harold Young Jacob and Lauretta George
Jacob, were married around 1905 but I have never found a marriage record
for them. I have checked Caldwell (where they resided) and all surrounding
counties, to no avail, and I also had a search performed in IL, where her
family lived. None of their grandchildren remembers hearing anything about
where and when they married. I suspect an elopement, and I notice you find
articles about such events fairly often. Do you have any sort of index to
check for this? I found a clipping in Caldwell in the summer of 1904
referring to them as "courting," and their first child was born in the fall
of 1906 (my grandfather), so I assume the marriage occured in late 1904,
1905 or very early 1906. Thanks for your help and any suggestions you can
provide, hope you had a great holiday - Jo

> From: Betty Sellers <>
> To:
> Subject: Bethesda News 1906
> Date: Saturday, December 27, 1997 7:55 PM
> January 26, 1906
> Bethesda
> Bethesda
> Editor Record - It has been a long time since I wrote to your valuable
> paper, but have greatly enjoyed reading the letters written by other
> correspondents especially Dr. John Cunningham's letters. I see quite a
> number of marriages in the last issue of your paper, several with whom I
> personally acquainted and wish them all much happiness. We had a nice
> during the holidays, although there was but few entertainments given.
> There was a pound supper at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Waymond
> on last Monday night. The weather being very unfavorable, the crowd was
> nearly so large as it would have been had the weather permitted. But a
> sumptuous supper was served, including everything anyone might desire,
> all present seemed to enjoyt hemselves and feel welcome.
> There has been a considerable amount of visiting and moving among our
> neighbors lateley.
> Miss Ida Faughn visited the Misses Russell during the holidays.
> Mrs. Roxie Hall visited her brother, Jack Mitchell and wife, at the place
> formerly known as the Dotson residence and her parents near Blue Spring
> during the holidays.
> Ferdie Carpenter met with a very painful accident last week. While
> in pursuit of game, holding a double-barrel, breach-loading gun, with
> hammers back, he slipped and fell and the discharge bursted his gun, the
> splintered flying in his face inflicted a painful wound.
> You know it is "ever good thing must come to an end, and we suppose our
> and frolics came to an end on old Xmas night by Green parker giving a
> tobacco stripping and stag dance, which was reported awful funny; and
> the sweet comes the bitter, for we are all scared half to death about
> small-pox. Bethesday school was dismissed on account of that dreadful
> disease. Several people near here have been vaccinated while several
> have small-pox. BILL.
> Betty Sellers

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