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From: "Marion Donaldson" <>
Subject: Re: HOLLAND-PAR(R)ENT family
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 97 18:05:57 PST

My Basil poss b 1755 from Laurens Co SC had wife Margaret.His will dated 1825,pr 1829 lists ch John,Elenor(mar Benj Wilson),Sarah/Sally(m James Wilson)Richard,James,Rachel(Dees/Deeson)Abraham,Basil2,Nancy and mentions later Jeremiah(maybe elder son???).Lived Lower Donaldson C. ,I was born on Donaldson Ck at "old Holland place".Never meant anything to me and do not know which Holland but it is interesting NOW. James Wilson was s/o John, my line of which Benjamin was also.James had son Abel Olive Wilson(a Mr Abel Olive was also early there fromSC)and there is some connection there. Abel O Wilson is buried on hillside lower Donaldson and Maple Grove Road very near where those people settled on Craigs Branch.Benj Wilson land grant 1803(in the Edison Thomas Book). Somewhere ? probably on a CD I copied one Abraham Holland from MD who had some children to SC and whose children were Rachel,Basil,Wm,Mary,Thos,Resin,Richard,Jeremiah and Sarah.Sure looks like mine.Abrahams father Capell Holland and wife Katherine Eldridge.Wonder if Capell would be Cabel,just a thought. I am under impression the other Hollands in Trigg from Va or other than SC
Since my EKA was John Wilson, I find it nearly hopeless to date,find many in SC and in every other area of the universe.
> >In searching my line of Hollands,Basil Holland whose children intermarried
> >with my Wilsons,were from Donaldson Creek community, have the impression
> >there was another Holland family from north part of Trigg plus one"
> >between the rivers". This you may already know but since your ancestor
> >buried at Benton, I would look at the ones between the rivers.Good
> >searching. Marion Donaldson(in Tx)
> >
> Greetings, Marion, and thank you for responding to my note. Creation of new
> counties over time and changes in county lines makes it a little difficult
> to be precise as to where the different families lived. One thing that
> didn't change with time were the watersheds on which landowners resided.
> From about 1800 through ca 1830, there were (at least) two Holland men,
> William and John, who owned land on the Dry Fork of Eddy Creek in Caldwell
> County. Today, the Dry Fork watershed lies almost entirely within Lyon
> County but of course, before 1854, it was included in Caldwell Co. It is
> adjacent to the north part of Trigg and it is possible that it extends into
> Trigg. So, there was at least one cluster of seemingly related Holland men
> located near the Caldwell-Trigg line early on. Unfortunately, most of what
> little Holland information I've obtained from source materials is pre 1830
> so I'm having great difficulty sorting out which men belonged to what
> family.
> I am most curious about your Basil Holland. Was he the Basil Holland
> (presumably) from SC who was married to a daughter of John George by the
> 1813 era (see Caldwell County Court records)? If so, his brother-in-law
> Andrew George as well as other related families were all well represented
> on Dry Fork in that period. Many of these families moved to AL beginning in
> 1818.
> Can you share any details regarding your Basil Holland?
> Pat Oliver
> Pat Oliver

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