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Subject: Re: [LDS-WC] nFS time estimate for final temple districts
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 22:20:08 -0700
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The problem is ... you can't be part of the solution when there is nothing you are allowed to do within the system.

As I mentioned before, the attitude of what appears to be a majority of the members along the Wasatch Front ... even
those who are heavily into Family History work, is "sounds nice. Get back to us when it actually happens." Or, if they ask
"when?" all we can do is sheepishly shrug and say "someday". Even the most diehard family history enthusiast in the church
is not going to pay much attention to NFS and other promises when all they can get in response to inquiries is "someday".

In the meantime, we cannot teach about NFS or get anyone ready because no one has access to it here. We can teach and
explain all the "great things" we know it can do, but that gets old to listeners and students when it is followed up with "someday you will
be able to do" this and this and this. Stake Presidents and Bishops have too many other things on their plates to give much time
to missionaries and consultants who can only tell them .. "someday". For all they know, by the time "someday" arrives, their terms
will be over.

It is also quite discouraging when we missionaries can't get any more response from mission leaders and NFS people other than...
"dont talk about when because we dont know when". When we "insiders" can't get the straight scoop about what is going on in
our own mission it is just very discouraging.

Don't misunderstand me please. I have as strong a testimony of the work as probably anyone else here does. But, like a testimony
in general, if it isnt exercised or utilized, it can't grow. Currently, many testimonies of this great program cant be utilized because
we are being told "Sorry, dont know when you can make use of the program." And, another observation. For the last several
general conferences, the speakers have said or spoke virtually little or nothing about Family History only making one or two sentence
references to even temple work itself. Could make some wonder if it is really all that important anymore, even when one knows inside
ones self that it is.

If, as you say, those of us along the Wasatch Front are among the biggest performers of Family History and temple work ... can it
really be said that those of us here outweigh the rest of the church population in that regard? Would we REALLY cause that much
havoc by going onlne? If we do not outnumber the rest of the world, then why put it in over 100 temples before stopping???
Surely it didnt take over 100 temples to realize that "Houston (Salt Lake), we have a problem"
> From: > To: > Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 22:02:12 -0700> Subject: Re: [LDS-WC] nFS time estimate for final temple districts> > Ray wrote:> "Personally, I am very discouraged with the whole thing. . . . While I am> not as computer savvy as those developing it, I cannot understand the hold> off. Putting NFS in what amounts to 95 percent of the temples now .... it> is in well over 100 temples as I understand it ... and leaving the Wasatch> Front to twist in the wind and be in awe from afar, is not very> encouraging."> > Brother Miller gave some very interesting information in the meeting. He> said that when they began, they had an estimate of about how many duplicates> there might be in the system for any given person. The problem is that they> severely underestimated that number and didn't discover their error, I> believe, until the system started being used and the merging began. The> current design can't handle the number of merges that are going to be> required for the pioneer ancestry--which is mostly the ancestry of the> Wasatch Front. This is why our temples have not gone online. We would crash> the system. This was not done intentionally, and it certainly isn't an> attempt to leave us out. We are some of the heaviest workers in family> history in the Church, and we create a significant load. With the merging of> thousands of records into one (for many of our ancestors), it is just too> much. They are doing some major redesign and testing, which is what is> causing the delay. Bro. Miller indicated that they don't know if their third> attempt, or fourth attempt, or fifth attempt will fix the problem, which is> why it is so hard for them to tell us when it will be available. Anyone who> has done any computer programming or other problem-solving design work> probably has a good idea of what's happening here.> > It is important to remember that this is the Lord's work, but it is being> done by humans. Mistakes are made, and mistakes are being fixed. The vision> is there, and it's becoming reality, but we need to work with them and not> be overly critical. Be sure to use the labs web site, test the programs> there, and send them your feedback. This is where they are testing various> future features that will be made available. They look at those comments and> use them as their testing responses. Be a part of the solution! Assure your> members that it WILL happen, but it would be useless to put us on the system> until the problem is fixed. If they opened it because we felt left out, the> entire system would crash for everyone. We still wouldn't be able to use the> system, but nobody else would either.> > In the end, I guess we need to "wait upon the Lord" to inspire those who are> working on the problem. It's hard for me to get impatient with Him, and I'm> confident that His work will be done in His own due time. Until then, I'll> serve Him in whatever capacity He asks of me. I agree it's frustrating. As a> family history instructor at BYU, I have separate assignments for those who> are on nFS and those who are not, and I'm teaching both systems. I have had> to do this since the roll-out began. It's going to continue for me for> awhile too, but that's just the way it is.> > By the way, Bro. Miller said that they did a quick survey to help determine> just how big this duplication of ancestry is. They took 100 random people> who worked on one floor at the Church Office Building and compared their> first 10 generations. How many of them do you think were related? Would you> believe that 97 of them had common ancestors within 10 generations? I> thought that was rather amazing.> > Hang in there everyone--life is good!> Jill Crandell> > Please send the one word message SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE to > -------------------------------> To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message

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