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Subject: Re: [LDS-WC] Sources/checking routine
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 08:01:30 -0500
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The schedule for digitizing the church records at the Granite Mountain is 5
years according to Steve Brey, our Area Family History Manager from the Salt
Lake City Library, who spoke at a FH conference this past October held in
Kentucky. That will be wonderful news in regards to lag time in searching,
funding the transportation of films, and ability to search most

As it is, if you go to the library catalog and search for a film number,
there will be some sort of red bar come across the screen and if this is the
case you can look at the film online at that very moment. I have not been
so lucky to have had the ones I am searching appear but I keep checking
before ordering the films anyway.

Nancy Scott
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Karen you are right.

I am spoiled - I use mainly Danish records and most are available on the
Internet and I can download all the parishes I use or wish to use.

Though my husband is Austrian and his ancestry is Czech, Austrian and to
some extent Italian and it may also further back be Hungarian.

There your suggestion would make quite much more sense than mine. Since we
have to visit each parish to seek out the names there and pay a fee for
seeing the records.


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However, one thing to seriously consider, if you have a film in, and there

is more than one family potentially on that family (like a parish register),

look for every family before the film goes back so that you don't have to

reorder and then wait for it to come in when you're ready to move on to the

family. For those of us who have to pinch genealogy pennies til they

scream, it is worth bearing in mind.

I always make a list of "who should be here" when I go into a film, and who

"might be there" because they lived near by. It saves time, and I often

much more than I otherwise would.

But otherwise, yes, concentrating on one family line at a time is a good



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