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Subject: Re: [LDS-WC] Temple work
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 16:34:23 -0600
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Janet wrote:

Does anyone know the policy on doing temple work for excommunicated members
after they have died?  Thanks

This is the current statement in New FamilySearch:

Document ID: 103448
Temple ordinances for deceased individuals who had their names removed from
Church records while they were living or were excommunicated

Excommunicated members or those members who had their records removed need
to have ordinances restored or reinstated by the First Presidency for
families to see them on NFS or for additional ordinances of sealing to take

If your ancestor had his or her name removed from Church records while
living and you would like to do his or her temple work, you must be directly
related and write a formal letter to the First Presidency requesting
permission to perform the work. This applies both to individuals who
requested to have their names removed and to those who were excommunicated.
Temple work for deceased excommunicated members does not follow the same
process as for deceased individuals who never accepted the gospel during
their lives. The excommunicated individual needs a "restoration of
blessings," since the ordinances were completed at some point.

The handbook states: "First Presidency approval is required to perform
temple ordinances for deceased persons who, at the time of their death, were
excommunicated or had their names removed from Church membership records"
(Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 1: Stake Presidencies and
Bishoprics, 88).

All requests for rebaptism after an individual dies should be addressed to:

Office of the First Presidency
47 E. South Temple Street, Room 103
Salt Lake City, UT 84150-1000

You will need to wait until the person has been deceased for at least a year
before you send in the request. You also will need to include a family group
record, which contains all the identifying information about the deceased

If the temple ordinances for the individual have already been done by
someone else, the ordinance information should remain in the new
FamilySearch and will show as "not available."

Hope this helps,
Jill Crandell

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