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From: Ron Tanner <>
Subject: Re: [LDS-WC] Place information
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2010 16:16:55 -0700
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Here is the situation.

If you have only a christening event, then the system will take that event
to try to qualify. However, if there is a birth event the system will take
the birth event to try to qualify and will ignore the christening. In this
case you have a christening that can qualify but the birth that cannot, so
it does not qualify.

This is also true for the death and burial. If there is a death then it
ignores the burial, otherwise it uses the burial for qualification.

Hope this helps in understanding why the system is doing what it is doing.


On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 12:39 PM, <> wrote:

> I had a frustrating experience with several entries which "needs more
> information" in order to be processed. These were christening
> entries...actually extraction entries which I have found fit into a family
> tree I am
> working on. The baptisms and endowments are complete, but they need
> sealing to
> parents. The full information is given in the christening: parents, date
> and place. In the birth field, only the date is listed.
> The original record undoubtedly did not show the exact place of birth and
> so it was not included in the extraction. If I changed the birthplace to
> the same as the christening location, NFS allows me to clear the name for
> ordinances.
> This is a glitch as many christening records (which are certainly the only
> records in many places) will say something I baptized John,
> born yesterday. Some may give a date and in some English records may
> give
> a date several years before the christening, depending on the customs.
> I have to guess the birthplace of individuals (we are talking early
> 1800's). This isn't truly accurate, nor should the criteria be so tight
> when the
> christening locality is given.
> Heads up, Salt Lake...this is a challenge.
> Michele
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