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From: Larry Leach <>
Subject: Johan Diebold Lederman - Notes
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 03:22:33 -0500

Name: Johan Diebold Lederman 1
Sex: M
ALIA: Johan /Dewalt/
Birth: BEF. 1690 in Alsace Palatinate Region, Germany
Death: in Frederick, Maryland
According to Shirley Lawing and Ruth Leatherman Seabock (see
Lincoln County Heritage-North Carolina 1997 LC#97-61493) this
family has been traced to Mattstall, Germany to the Palatinate or
Alsace region. In September 1711, Johann Tewalt (later Theobold)
Lederman a linen weaver, and his wife Anna Maria Engle recorded
the birth of their first child. Four other children were born in
Germany, including my ancestor Johan Nicholas Lederman. Paula
L. Gruginski, another Leatherman family researcher actually visited
Germany and has found records in Trippstadt Germany on Hans
Debald/Depelt and the records even mention that he left there 27-9-
1727 on the ship James Goodwill. He is listed as a Palatinate
passenger with 6 family members on the ship James Goodwill
which arrived in Philadelphia in 1727. He signed the Oath of
Allegiance in a court in Philadelphia Sep 27, 1727. There have
been no death records found to indicate where he was buried. It is
believed that he died in Frederick, Maryland. It is also believed that
he owned a plantation there which he called "Much Grumbling". His
name has been recorded on documents and spelled in a number of
ways, ie; Tewalt, Teobald, Depelt, and Hans Dewalt, etc. Johannes
Dewalt Lederman translated into English is John David
Leatherman. One must remember that our ancestors travelled
through primarily British controlled ports and courts and I feel that
because of the language barriers many British clerks made a habit
of writing down just what they thought they heard. It is very obvious
that many of the people who recorded information were not very
good at spelling. In the Palatinate region of Europe during this era,
most if not all male children were named in honor of the patron
saint of the family. All Lederman male children of this family were
named Johannes for St John the Baptist and most were given a
second name by which they were known (except in the case of
John which would only be Johannes and no middle name.) These
folks were primitive Baptists so naturally St John was their patron
saint. The short form of Johannes is Hans and it is common to see
names written as Hans Diebold and Hans Nickel or Johan Diebold
and Johan Nicholas, etc.
NOTE: Johan Peter arrived on a separate voyage in 1731. The ship list for the Brittania of London which arrived in Pennsylvania 21 Sep 1731 lists Hans Peter Lederman as a passenger but does not have any other family infor
Information on this family can also be found in "Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America" written by Annette Kunselman Burgert.

Was the first Leatherman to have arrived in America. The records do not disclose the names of the family members. Arrived on the ship JAMES GOODWILL, from Rotterdam on September 30, 1727, with 6 family members. No recor
d of his death, will or estate settelment can be found. Though unproven, it is the belief that Daniel, John, Peter, Michael and possibly Nicholaus were sons of Hans Dewalt Leatherman. It is believed that Hans Dewalt Leat
herman and the Elder Daniel Leatherman are originally from the town of Schwartzenau in Wittgenstein, Germany.

Pennsylvania German Pioneers
Hans Peter Lederman

Names of Foreigners Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the Province and State of Pennsylvania
Children under sixteen.
Hans Peter Lederman

Pennsylvania German Pioneers
Tewalt Leatherman Age 16
Jacob Leatherman Age 32

Name: Hans Dewalt LEATHERMAN
Sex: M
Birth: in Mattstall, Alsace
Death: in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Christening: place Alsatian/Jewish
Burial: place Lutheran

Family 1 Anna Maria ENGEL b: in Alsace
Nicholas LEATHERMAN b: Sep 1724 in Mattstall, Alsace

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