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From: Gandalf <>
Subject: [LEDBETTER-L] Re: Ledbetters of Durham, Northumberland
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 22:52:57 -0500

Doc and Group:

Yes, there were Ledbetters in the County of Durham, England in the 1600s. They
may have been there at least as early as 1250. A citation in the 1934 edition
(I'll have to check my notes on the date) of Burke's Landed Gentry, pp. 1334,
on the family "Leadbitter of Warden," begins with this lineage: "A member of
this old border family, Walter de Ledbetere is mentioned in the Assize Roll of
Northumberland, 40 Henry III (1256) and is described: Of Heydon," which is in
Warden Parish in the N.W. division of Tynedale Ward. Seven of the (Ledbetter)
names are to be found in the Muster Roll for Northumberland, 1538. While the
citation does not contain a reference to your Josiah, it does contain the names
of numerous other Ledbetters who may provide additional clues to the person you
are researching. There is another family, "Leadbitter, late Of Flass Hall,"
also of Durham County, that begins with a John Francis Leadbitter-Smith (see
Leadbitter of Warden), b. July 16, 1788.

E-mail me your snail mail address and I will mail you a copy of the Burke's

Of great interest to all Ledbetter researchers, including me, is the notion
that someone has actually identified the mysterious "Thomas Ledbetter" who was
in Virginia as early as 1618. This "first" Ledbetter (father of Henry
Ledbetter) is often called "Thomas." And yet, so far as I or most other
Ledbetter researchers can discover, there is no documentation with his name.
The first reference to Thomas is in the book "Ledbetters From Virginia" which
says that Burke's Landed Gentry has an entry stating that a Thomas Ledbetter
was in Virginia in 1635.

But as far as has been discovered, the first reference to the original, or the
person believed to be the original, Ledbetter immigrant is a land patent of 125
acres sold to "Henry Ledbetter's father," who is unnamed. This Henry Ledbetter,
who is named in some early Virginia documents, was born about 1625 or so,
probably in England.

If someone has finally established the identity of the first Ledbetter
immigrant as a Thomas Ledbetter, who was in Virginia in 1618, with an actual
port of emmigration, I'd be delighted to know about it and where the documents
were finally found.


Dr Con Power <> wrote:
I am researching LEDBETTER in the County of Durham, England in the 1600s.

> I have recently heard from Roy Ledbetter of the Western North Carolina
> Branch of the LEDBETTERS of Virginia, that his family came from
> Seaham, County of Durham, England, and that "Thomas" Ledbetter
> came from there to Virginia and was in Virginia in 1618.
> This has confirmed to me that there were people named LEDBETTER
> in the County of Durham, England, in the early 1600s.
> My specific interest is to trace any family or families of LEDBETTER
> in or near the town of Darlington, County of Durham, England, at that
> time (1608-1659).
> My interest is to trace a Josiah LEDBETTER (or some variation of the
> spelling of that surname) who may have been born or may have later
> resided in the area called The Fighting Cocks, near Darlington, in the
> County of Durham. His father was a farmer, and Josiah may have been
> an only son or an only child.
> Josiah LEDBETTER was born in or about the year 1608. He could have
> entered the Army of the King as a Cornet of Horse at the age of perhaps
> 19 years in or around the year 1627. His father purchased the commission
> for him.
> In the Civil War between Parliament and King, Josiah LEDBETTER took
> the side of Parliament and joined the New Model Army. He ultimately
> rose to the rank of Colonel of Horse in the New Model Army. . . .
> Josiah LEDBETTER may have died in or around the year 1659 at the age
> of 51 years.
> I would like to hear from anybody who may have information about the name
> LEDBETTER in or around Darlington, Durham, England, in the period
> 1608-1659, or who may have information about LEDBETTER in the
> New Model Army (Cromwell's Army).
> Dr Con Power

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