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Hi, I'm pretty sure who Rowland and James' father was.Read Rowland's pension
application(bottom of page)- it states that he was in Wake Co in 1780 when
he was drafted.
Henry and Winifred Wall were still in Brunswick Co VA in 1783-6 because the
Brunswick Co Mariage book has record of 2 of their daughters marriages:
Henry's daughter Winifred was married in VA :Fothergill, Augusta B.,
"Marriage Records of Brunswick Co., VA, 1730-1852: Edward King m. Winifred
Ledbetter, dau of Henry, 24 Aug. 1783
Henrys daughter Mary Ledbetter b. c1767, m. William Gray on 13 Oct. 1786.
They removed to the Pendleton Dist., SC.
The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 28, p. l67, April 1920:
William Gray of Southhampton, m. Mary Ledbetter, dau of Henry, 1786 or

Drury and Winifred Lanier were living in Montgomery Co NC at this time:
1779 Sept 28 Col.Drury reported living near Grassy Cr; border
Montgomery/Anson Co. NC

1780 May 2 Drury enters 250 acres in Montgomery Co. NC on S side Yadkin
River at mouth of Grassey Cr. being plantation where he lives.

I found the following info from 'Ledbetters revisited' p 725 and from other
researchers on the net:

12 Feb 1774
Deed to John Ledbetter. Brunswick Co Deed Book 11, page 237.
William Ledbetter and his wife Frances gave their son John Ledbetter 200
acres of land patented to William 15 July1760 and recorded at Williamsburg.
Johns brothers James and Isaac witnessed the deed.
William (m Francis Vandiver) died about 1787, his estate was appraised on 23
July 1787 in Brunswick Co, VA (Deed Book 5, page 213). William gifted John
(m Elizabeth) 200 acres in 1774, which would indicated that John was living
in Brunswick Co. at that time. Sometime after that, he must have moved to
Wake Co, NC, because he sold this same 200 acres in 1779 to William Corbin
at which time it was noted in the deed that he was from Wake Co, NC. At the
same time in 1774, William sold (gifted) 200 acres to James Ledbetter
(Johns brother). James's is recorded in Book 11, page 268, Brunswick Co,
VA. and recorded on 18 Feb 1774. Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr prepared the
abstracts of the Brunswick County Wills and Deeds.
Curt Ledbetter

Wake Co NC Land Warrant 640 20 Oct 1778
John Ledbetter enters 600 acres of land in Wake Co lying on the north side
of Neuse River,and on both sides of Rocky Branch joining the lines of Julius
Johnston,Lodwick Alford,and Israel Privitt,including said Ledbetter

Wake Co NC Land Warrant 852,29 Dec 1778
Hezekiah Massey enters 300 acres of land in Wake Co beginning at John
Boltons line,thence to John Ledbetters line,,thence with said line to Beaver
Dam Branch, thence down said Branch to Joseph Stricklands line,including
said Masseys improvements. 300:50/:710

Wake Co NC land warrant 964 25 Jan 1779
David Horton enters enters 600 acres of land in Wake Co joining the lines of
David Cooper,John Ledbetter,and Charles Williams, including the drains of
Little River and Beaver Dam Branch.600:50/:15
[David Horton's land was on "Gales Branch" of Little River. Little River
runs through the eastern part of Wake Co; closer to Johnston Co. There are
a lot of Hortons buried in the Hephzibah Church Cemetery, which is near
Wendell, Wake Co.Phyllis Mistrot]So this John lives nowhere near he Chatham
Co Ledbetters.

Wake Co NC Land warrant 966, 25 Jan 1779
William Privitt Jr enters 640 acres in Wake Co on the North side of Little
River, joining the lines of William Privitt Sr,Joseph Fowler, Israel
Privitt,,John Ledbetter, David Cooper, including his improvements.640:50/:

1784- Wake Co Wills:

John Ledbetter mentioned (along with Daniel Bagwell) in will of David
Horton, 1784, as owning land adjoining 280 acres left to son Constant
William Horton. Book B page 18 (page 43 of the published book).

Wake Co NC Court Minutes 1789 442-43
A deed from John Ledbetter to Hezekiah Massey was, in open court,duly
proved by the oath of James Bolton, a subscribing witness thereto and
ordered to be registered.

Wake Co NC Court Minutes 1789 442-43
A deed from John Ledbetter to John Pendergrass was, in open court, proved by
the oath of James Bolton, a subscribing witness thereto and ordered to be

Nash Co., NC Deed Book 2, p. 145: 26 November 1789, The State of North
Carolina grant to Rowland Ledbetter, by Gov. Sam. Johnston, a tract of 150
acres on both sides of Clark's Branch adjoining John Petticob and John

1790 Nash Co Nc
Letbetter, Rowland............................1-2-4-0-0
Letbetter, John..................................2-3-3-0-0
Letbetter, Holding.............................1-2-4-0-0
the 1790 census says that Rowland had 2 male children under 16: Henry b 1787
is the only one I have listed, Could Jesse have been born in 1790 instead of
1791? He would have been only 8 months younger than Henry.
4 females; daughter Nancy b 1787 is the only one I have listed, so he might
have had 2 other daughters plus his wife, or some other female relatives
living with him. He must have married earlier than the 1787 that is
currently given as his marriage date, and there was a James Vaughan living
in Wake Co but I have no more info on him.
Holding Ledbetter is thought to have been the son of William and Mary Cheves
of Chatham Co NC,but his proximity to John and Rowland makes me think that
he was this Johns son and Rowlands brother.This John is most likely William
and Francis Vandiver/Osburns son.John and Amy from Chatham Co (s/o Richard
and Hannah)had a son named John (see his will 1785), and I believe he was
the one in Chatham Co with a wife named Elizabeth,he died in 1791. Then this
John must have been the son of William and Francis and also have had a wife
named Elizabeth.

Pension Application
State of Tennessee
Marshall County

On the 2nd day of September 1839 personally appeared in open court before
the Justice of the County Court of Marshall County, now sitting, Rowland
Ledbetter, resident of the county and state aforesaid, aged about 75 years,
who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the
following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress
passed June 7th 1839.That he entered the service under the following named
officers and served as herein stated, viz: 'At the age of 16 or 17 years, I
was drafted in Wake County North Carolina and served a tour of three months
under the command of General Butler and Col. Lane, whose given name I do not
now recollect, Capt.Janus Hillsman and Lieutenant. John Walls, were my
company officers.The precise date on which I entered the service, I cannot
now recollect, but to the best of my recollection and belief, it was about
the 1st May 1780 the year before Lord Cornwallis was taken at Little
(York?).We rendezvoued at Wake Courthouse North Carolina, and remained at
that place until after the rise of the Legislature, which was then in
session at that place to protect the Assembly from the invasion of the
Tories. Soon as the Assembly rose, we proceeded from Wake Courthouse through
Johnson and Sampson Counties to Wayne County and met with Gen. Butler at the
widow Hashs(?) in the county of Wayne, who gave us orders to march across
Neuse River and join Maj. Hardin Griffin, where we remained under his
command until the expiration of our three months, at which time and place we
were discharged by Maj. Griffin. At the next session of the General Assembly
of North Carolina, viz. about the 1st March 1781, I volunteered to protect
that body from the Tories who were then united under the command of one Col.
Fanning for the purpose of attacking the Legislature then in session at
Hillsbourough N.Carolina. I was commanded by Maj. Taylor whose given name I
cannot now recollect, Capt John Trent and Lieut. Robert Peoples and ensign
William Amos were my company officers. We remained at Hillsborough until the
rise of the Legislature when we were disbanded by Gov Martin & two months
after, we were discharged by Maj. Taylor. My discharge for this term of
service has been lost or misplaced so that it cannot be found.

Where and what year were you born?
I was born in Brunswick Count Virginia in the year 1764.

Have you any record of your age?
I have none.
Where were you living when called into service, where have you lived since
the revolution, and where do you now live?

I lived in Wake County NC when called into service-& after that I lived in
Nash & (it looks like Robison but it is scratched out)County North
Carolina-& I now live in Marshall County Tennessee on the waters of Bradshaw

How were you called into service?
I was drafted the first time & volunteered the second time.

Have you any documentary evidence to prove your service as a soldier of the
I have none.

State whether you were honorably discharged and if so, what has become of
your discharge?
I was in both cases regularly discharged as above stated. My discharge for
the first term of service which I received of Major Griffin accidentally got
burned. My last discharge received of Major Taylor has been lost or mislayed
so that it cannot be found.

State the names of some of the regular officers with the troops when you
served, such company officers as you can recollect, and the general
circumstances of your service.
I cannot now recollect the names of any other officers than those above
mentioned, nor any other troops than those already stated, nor can I at this
late period give any better account of the circumstances of my service than
that above detailed, owing to infirmities of both body and mind.

State the names of the persons in your present neighborhood to whom you are
known & who can verify as to your character for veracity & their belief as
to your services as a soldier of the revolution.
I am known to Samuel (---son?), Solomon Meadows, G. W. McBride, Col. Silas
McClellan, Elijah Glenn & (Heirs?). I hereby relinquish every claim whatever
to a pension and annuity except the present & do declare that my name is not
on (Rev?) pension roll or agency of any state sworn and subscribed the day
and year aforesaid.

Martin W. Oakby (unknown word or abbreviation)
Rowland (his x mark) Ledbetter

We Samuel Sansom a clergyman residing in the County of Marshall and state
of Tennesse, and Daniel Backman, William Shaw, residing in the same do
hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Rowland Ledbetter and that
we believe him to be about 75 years of age, & that he is reputed & believed
(in?) the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the
Revolution, & we concur in this opinion Sworn and subscribed the day and
year above.
Samuel Sansom (seal)
Daniel Backman (seal)
William Shaw (seal)

State of Tennesse(ink blot) Court
Marshall CountySeptember term 1839

And we the justice of said court do after a full investigation of the (ink
blot) and after putting the - -

My copy ends there. Rowland didnt get a pension because he didnt PROVE
that he had served 6 months, but from a history by Mary Louise Yeiser Wiley,
North Carolina Dept. of Archives, Rowland Ledbetter was granted six pounds,
14 shilling and 10 pence in 1783, for assisting in establishing American

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