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From: paul selk <>
Subject: Re: [LEDFORD-L] Re: Peter G Ledford m. Little Panther 1660
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 22:52:53 -0800 (PST)
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Hi Keith and all interested,

If this is in error, please correct me.
I don't want to sound like I'm beating on a dead horse, but as I was compiling
some info on Peter G. for another descendant of his yesterday, the issue of
Peter's wife was again brought up. The evidence is against her name being
Martha Y. Thomas, and points toward Anne Tucker.

Elbert Burton Ledford born 1824, and his brother William Pressfield Ledford
both attested in 1908 that their father was Levi Ledford, son of Peter Ledford
and Annie Tucker. As a son of Levi, Elbert would have been living with him in
Cherokee County at the time of the 1840 census, which showed Levi to be living
practically next door to Peter. Elbert would have been 16 years old at that
time, and 20 when Peter's wife died, old enough to have remembered her. The
Robert Tucker family of Halifax County, NC moved to the Carraway Creek section
of Rowan County prior to the 1768 tax list. In that list, his son Samuel was
living with a William Ledford. Since this William is neither the elder William
Ledford Sr, nor his son who went south later on, it can be presumed he was the
son of either John or Henry Ledford. At any rate, James Tucker, son of Robert,
moved to Monroe County, TN in 1824, at about the same time as Peter Ledford Jr
and Absolom Ledford (relationship still uncertain). Peter Jr's brother Jason
also joined him there for a short time in the 1830's. I know that this may be
coincidence, but compelling.

Another aspect is the original tombstone for Peter's wife, it reads
[..] JUN 24 1844

Note that the first part is NY. not M.Y. The first letter is often mistaken
for an M, because it was written upsidedown, but on examination of the date,
the N in JUN is practically identical, upsidedown with the same angling. When
the stone was much younger, less worn, the TVA read it as NY LEDFORD with the
year 1844. My question is this, if the first two letters are initials, why is
there not a separator between them as between the Y and the L.

On a final note, the same gentleman who devised the Peter G. Ledford married to
Little Panther line is the same who 'discovered' the name for Peter's
wife...though I think Mr. Lawrence Wood may have helped on that one, I believe
I read in one of his books that he was related to the Youngs or the Thomases.
Speaking of the Thomas family, the name does not appear in either the 1768 or
the 1779 tax lists for the Deep River and Carraway creek section or the area in
which Peter's uncle William lived [of course she may have been visiting an aunt
in Randolph county when she met Peter and fell in love...happened on another

sorry I haven't written, Keith, got your CD last month and it was great, a lot
of good information. I have more to add to your files in the way Ledford
Statistics from Great Britain, it should prove interesting.

Paul Selk

--- wrote:
> Hello Dan and Deborah,
> My name is Keith Townson, a run the Ledford-L list at Rootsweb that your
> ancestry.com messages were gatewayed to about Peter G. Ledford. The
> information in the Cherokee County History book that has Peter married to
> a Little Panther is 100% proven false. Even the person who sent it to the
> be in the book has admitted to having wrong information.
> Peter G. Ledford, Sr. was married to a Martha (Young) Thomas, we are not
> sure on she last name. If you would like additional information I can
> send what i have that's on our Ledford CD I have been putting out for the
> last three years.
> Keith Townson

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