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Subject: [LEEPER-L] LEEPER/LEIPER famlies in Washington Co., PA
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 22:16:33 EST

Dear LEEPER Cousins,

I subscribe to the PAWASH list (Washington Co., PA.). That's where my RAGAN
& LEEPER families were at one time. Today there were a few LEEPER famillies
mentioned. Thought I'd pass them on to this group.

Michael W. RAGAN (5g-grandson of Lt. Samuel LEEPER-Rev War soldier)

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>LEEPER: There are no Leepers, there is a James, Thomas and William Leiper.

LEIPER is a variant of the LEEPER surname. And there were LEEPERS living in
Washington County for several years. They later moved into Ohio and some
went on to Illinois.

I would love to discuss anything concerning the LEEPER family with others.

Michael W. RAGAN (Member SAR)
Descendant of Mary (m. ca 1825-Wm RAGAN), Alexander, Samuel LEEPER (Rev War

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James Leiper, born c1769. Chairmaker, Emigrated from Scotland to Canada.
Setled in Pictou Town, Nova Scotia, during 1815.
William Leiper, boorn during 1745 in Strathaven, Lanarkshire. Emigrated
from Scotland to Maryland during 1763. Settled in Philadelphia, Pa. in
1765, Tobacco merchant. Died in 1825.
Thomas Leiper, born on 15 December 1745, at Strathaven, Lanarkshire third
son of Thomas Leiper and Helen Hamilton. Educated in Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Merchan, Emigrated from Scotland to Maryland in 1763, Settled in
Philadelphia, Pa. during 1765. Married Elizabeth Coultas Gray on 3 November
1779. Died on 6 July 1825 in Delaware County or in Philadelphia.


There are Leepers here in El Paso, Tx El Paso county - most of them lawyers.

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