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Subject: RE: [LEFLORE-L] History of Leake County, MS: It's People & Places...
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The book mentions Benjamin LeFlore in several places... no family info,

"Ofahoma, meaning Red Dog, is located at the present time fourteen miles
west of Carthage on Highway 16. In the year 1832 the original Ofahoma was
situated on Robinson Road or what is now commonly known as Old Highway 16.
At this time, Benjamin LeFlore, brother of Greenwood LeFlore, was granted
several thousand acres of land on this site. He built his home on Robinson
Road above the bluffs on the east side of Yockanookany River. His home
served as a tavern and stage coach stop for the people who traveled Robinson
Road and it is said that Andrew Jackson had made several stops there.
Benjamin LeFlore also ran the Ferry across the Yockanookany, and when a
charter to build a road and bridge was proposed in 1854, Benjamin LeFlore
was awarded the contract, with the road to be finished in fifteen years.
When the road was finished a toll gate was erected on Benjamin LeFlore's
land near his home and a price was set for use of road and bridge, to keep
the roads and bridges in repair. Robinson Road built in 1821 was designated
as a mail route in 1822 and Ofahoma has always been a mail stop on this
road. There have been many Post Office and Postmasters, the post office
being moved close to the place of residence of each new Postmaster. Ofahoma
is the lowest point in Leake County. 383 feet above sea level. Close by
Ofahoma is Red Dog opened in 1834, and named for the Choctaw Indian, Ofahoma
(who was an important Chief) who stayed behind to be a farmer when the
Choctaw tribe moved to Oklahoma. One of the first free colored schools was
at Red Dog. First settlers: No record can be found of the first settlers of
Ofahoma except for Benjamin LeFlore. The Presbyterian Church of Forest
Grove, who's Charter was set up in 1860, and deed recorded in Leake County
Record Book 0, page 451, April 28, 1862. The land being donated by James C.
Scott and Martha J. Scott. The church was built but not opened until June 6,
1863, when Rev. W. T. Hall of Canton preached the dedication to a large
congregation including a number of Union Soldiers. The first members of the
Presbyterian Chruch were all received by letter from Camden, Mississippi,
Presbyterian Church on November 23, 1860, and consisted of 36 members, 31
white and 5 colored."

Pilgrim Rest Church, located 3 1/2 miles west of Carthage... Sister Vinnie
LeFlore and Granvil Witt came from the Tribulation community to this
church... Shandy LeFlore was a deacon... another LeFlore at this church was
John W. LeFlore, descendant of Shandy LeFlore...

Betteye, the story on Pilgrim Rest Church is a long one... above is bits and
pieces that mention LeFlores... the story was written by Mrs. Emma
LeFlore... if you would like a copy of it, I'll mail it to you... :):)

The History of Pleasant Hill mentions Campbell LeFlore as one of the oldest

History of the area now known as Wiggins mentions the LeFlore, Johnson,
Witt, & Hutchins surnames... (there are others but these are the ones that I
know are connected to the LeFlore family)... The Robinson Road was a post
road when the area that is now Wiggins was first settled in 1830. Robinson
Road was north of the Canton road. Publice transportation had an early
beginning with a stage route over the Robinson Road. The Benjamin Leflore
home, near the Yockanookany River, was a team change station and
accommodation for travelers.

Mrs. Emma R. LeFlore was a principal at Pilgrim Rest School...

Gus LeFlore is mentioned as having talked to the author about Robinson & Red
Dog Roads...

Benjamin LeFlore is mentioned as purchasing a lot in or around Carthage in

Adam H. LeFlore & H.H. LeFlore are mentioned as members of the Masonic Lodge
in 1849...

There's a mention of Benjamin LeFlore's estate... it's value and etc.

These are the types of things listed in the book along with church
histories, some schools, and some family histories... there are names
mentioned with the church & school histories...

It's a 9" x 12" book with about 360 pages... lots of info... the index does
not list surnames with corresponding page #s... it lists surnames to the
corresponding stories with an assigned number... very interesting... with
lots of pics...

No... no pics of Benjamin's home... and I did not find the names you're
looking for...

In reference to the Crocket name... is this a surname or given name???
Because there are some Crockets listed...

No Ghee surname but there is a Gee listed...

This is all for today... I'll check on Rachel later...


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Are there any pictures of Ben's home? Are there any pictures of the African
American Leflores? What mentions if any are thier of the African American

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