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Subject: RE: [LEGGETT] Wife of John Legett
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 09:06:12 -0400

This is the first I have ever heard of a John Leggett dying in Maryland
at such an early date. I am of the Gabriel Leggett family of N.Y.
Gabriel came to N.Y. (then New Amsterdam) in 1661. We believe Gabriel
had an uncle John, who preceded Gabriel to the New World, to Barbados in
1635, Exeter, N.H. by 1640, thence to N.Y. Also a brother John, who
left England after 1665, and died in Jamaica in 1679. His will was
proved in NY in 1680.

There is a Southern branch of Leggetts, apparently of no provable
connection to my family, who originate with John Leggett of Princess Ann
Co., Virginia, the territory later being part of N. Carolina. To my
knowledge, nothing is known of his English origins, and probably never
will be, owing to the ubiquity of the name "John." Below is a document
(a bit scrambled) regarding him. As you can see, he emigrated in 1669.
So, I would be interested in the source for this John Leggett dying in
Maryland in 1665.

Mrs. Alita Sutcliffe, 6501 Folger Drive, Charlotte, N C 28270-5339

Alita W. Sutcliffe's LEGETT chronology indicates John immig rated Oct
30, 1669. "H. Nicholas paid transportation of Jno . Leggett, John
Wright, Mary Lawrence, Rob. Luellns (Llewel lyn?) Source: VA Land
Patents of Norfolk, Princess Anne , & Warwick from Patent Books "0" and
"6" by Alice Grandber y Walter, p9. Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of
Virgini a Land Patents and Grants 1623-1666 indicates the followin g
under Patent Book No. 6: Henry Nicolas, 300 acs., S. sid e of the E'n
br. of Eliz. River., 30 Oct 1669, p. 297. 10 0 acs.
by patt., 22 Nov 1651; and 200 acs. for trans. of 4 pers . John Wright,
Mary Lawrence, Rob. Luellin, Jno. Leggatt.

Under Patent Book No. 7, John Legatt, 400 acs., Low. Norf C o., in
Knot's Is., in Corretuck, 20 Apr. 1682, p. 142. Adj . Richard Whicker,
&c. Trans. of 8 pers: Richd Gardner, Joa n Williams, Miles Gray, Robert
Wright, Eliz. Johnson, Joh . Knight, Jon. Mackmarry, Richard Davy. AWS
notes that i t appears that John Legatt paid the transportation costs o
f 8 persons into the colony, and was therefore entitled t o 50 acres for
each person.

RCL Note: Knott Island is in the absolute north eastern co rner of North
Carolina, just south of the Virginia border . The Elizabeth River runs
from the mouth of Chesapeake Ba y south and east between Norfolk and
Portsmouth. Since Henr y Nicholas's property is on the south side of the
eastern b ranch of the Elizabeth River, it could be no farther than 2 0
miles from John Legatt's Knott Island property, prehaps e ven much less.

AWS clarifies the geography by quoting from Early Settler s and Land
Patents of Currituck. ... all of present-day Cu rrituck was originally
(1629) part of the Colony of VA. Th ere were Upper Norfolk and Lower
Norfolk Counties. Upper N orfolk Co. became Nansemond withing a few
years. and Lowe r Norfolk Co.
existed until 1691 when Princess Anne Co. was taken out o f it and the
word "Lower" was dropped. ... The populatio n -- practically all of
English stock -- grew, and by 166 0 was around 40,000 ... In 1663 there
were 25 or 30 patent s granted by VA for land along the Ns of the River
of Carol ina as the Albermarle Sound was then called. These were Vi
rginians who (mostly) came down the Chowan River from Nanse mond, Isle
of Wight and prehaps other counties. By this ti me, the Ethridge
(Everidge){Etheridge}, Butt, Jones, Sexton , and Biggs families were the
head of the Southern Branch o f the Elizabeth River near what later
became known as the G reat Bridge ... When the Lords Proprietors became
aware th at these people were outside of their province, the solutio n
was... in 1665 a new charter was issued adding 1/2 of a d egree of
latitude (about 30 miles) to their north boundary. .. being at the north
bank of Currituck Inlet and due wes t from there. That is how Currituck
became a part of Carol ina. It was a long time before Virginia
recognized the cha nge... The dividing line was not actually established
on th e ground for the next 63 years and created problems for th e
patent-holders in regard to taxes. A deposition from Geo rge Bullock
says that he came to Knotts Island in 1661, bu t the first grants that
mentioned Knotts Island were in 168 2 when patents to Bullock, Rachel
Cornelius, Richard Walker , William White and Patrick White, and John
Leggatt were re corded.

The Legett Chronology contains the following will: 1694 Se p 29 DB 1, pp
233-234. Joh. Leggett will, 29th day of Se p 1694.

I John Leggitt of Knotts island being sick in body but o f good and
perfect memory, thanks be to Almighty God, and c alling to rememberance
the uncertaine estate of this transi tory life, and that all flesh must
yield unto death when i t shall please God to call, doe make constitute,
ordaine an d appoint this my last will and testament in manner and fo r
me following, revoking and anulling by these presents al l and every
testament and testaments, will and wills hereto fore by me made and
declared either in world or writing, an d this to be taken only for my
last will and testament, an d none other and first being penitent and
sorry from the bo ttom of my heart for my sins past, most humbly
desiring for giveness for the same, I give and committ my soull unto Alm
ighty God my Saviour and reedemer, in whom and by the merri ts of Jeasus
Christ I trust and believe assuredly to be sav ed, and to have full
remission and forgiveness of all my so ns, and that my soull with my
body at the general day of re ssurection shall rise again with joy, and
through the merri ts of Christion death and passion possesse and inherit
th e Kingdom of Heaven prepared for his elict and chosen, an d my body
to be buried in such place where it shall pleas e my executors hereafter
named to appoint; and now for th e sitting of my temporal estate, and
such goods chattells a nd debts, as it hath pleased God far above my
desires to be stow upon me I doe order, give and dispose the same in
mann er and for me following (that is to say)

First I will is that all these debts and duties as I owe i n right or
conscience to any manner or person or persons wh atsoever, shall be well
and truly counted and paid, or orda ined to be paid within convenient
time after my decease b y my Executors hereafter named;

Item I give and bequeath, In Witness to MY DEARE AND LOVIN G WIFE my own
riding mare with her increases.

Item I give to MY SON JOHN LEGIT my now dwelling plantaco n containing
200a of land.

Item I give to MY SON DAVID LEGIT 100a of land belonging t o the same
track on Knotts Island.

Item I give unto MY SON ALEXANDER LEGIT 100a which is belon ging to the
abovesaid tract;

Item I give to my wife one ram and one weather;

Item I give to my wife two cows with their increase,

Item I give to MY SON JOHN LEGET 3 cows with their female s increase;

Item I give to MY SON DAVID LEGIT two cows and their femal e increase;

Item I give the remainder of my personal estate to MY WIF E AND CHILDREN
to be equally divided.
Item, I leave my wife my whole Executor;

In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal . JOHN (his
mark) Legit, (Seal) Signed and Sealed in pre sence of Worchard, Michael
Jones, George Booth.

Prived in open Court by the oathes of Michaell Jones and Ge orge Booth,
and it is ordered to be recorded this 1st NOVEM BER 1699. Test PA Angus,
Cl. Cur.

Alita Sutcliffe found in Princess Anne County, VA, Order Bo ok #1,
1691-1709, Part 1, page 245, Reel 38, Virginia Archi ves, that Elizabeth
Legate is identified as the executrix o f John Legate, deceased in a
court case, Cornick vs Legate . There is reference to an inventory of
the estate of Joh n Legate, 30 Nov. 1699.

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From: Jean Burkhart [mailto:]
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Subject: [LEGGETT] Wife of John Legett

I am looking for the surname of the wife of John Legett/Legate who died
7 March 1663 in Charles Co., MD. His widow was named Bridget; he left
no children. Bridget Legett had a child (described as a youth) named
William Hungerford. A land record indicates another son named John
Gooch indicating she must have married ? Gooch before she married
Hungerford and Legett. John Legett was a minister. Anybody know of
this John Legett and Bridget? Jean Burkhart

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