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From: "Sandra Lewis" <>
Subject: Re: [LEI] Family Search website
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 22:30:23 +1000
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Thanks for the useful suggestions.

I understand the new website is still a work in progress and has its faults,
but on the positive side it has burials and is getting new records over time
- I don't think that the old site is getting the new additions.

I compared a few records from both the old and new and found that some (only
the few that I had made note of, so not necessarily all) of the
member-submitted entries from the old site are included in the new site
without anything to distinguish them as member-submitted. This may be
because the indexing projects have caught up to the dates in question and
the entry was correct - I don't know, I'll still treat these as probable but

Another thing that I have noticed is that some events have multiple entries
often with different dates (e.g. same marriage, same church on 11th and 21st
Sept; or same event in Oct 1878 and Oct 1877). I also found a few burials
that didn't seem to have a matching death in the right registration
district. This could be explained by a death elsewhere and the body being
returned for burial in "home soil", but the other date errors has me

Although it doesn't seem as reliable as the older version, its still a
useful tool and at least most of my irrelevant "matches" were towards the



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From: Nivard Ovington
Sent: Saturday, February 05, 2011 3:36 PM
Subject: Re: [LEI] Family Search website

If you want to find something that you know exists then yes you might be
able to replicate the

But theres the rub, you need to know its there to find it

If you are looking for something without specifics (actually even if you do
have specifics quite
often) you have little chance to find it amongst the many totally irrelevant
hits you get

You only have to read the comments on the blog page to see what others,
including the LDS members
think of it

Since its inception it has improved slightly but until they sort out the
search engine it puts off
more than it helps

Nivard Ovington in Cornwall (UK)

>I thought the New Family Search was amazing! Guess it all depends on what
> you are seeking and most importantly, WHAT YOU FIND!

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