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Subject: Re: [LEI] Toon family of Coleorton, Thringstone, Packington,Swannington
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 11:58:37 +0100
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Hi Concetta,

It looks like the Toon/Toone families of Coleorton have a colourful history.
The following is taken from the LRFHS Quarter Sessions Index CD:

On 12 Oct 1723, Joseph & Sarah Toone, with their 6 week old son John, have a
Removal Order served on them to be removed from Ratby to Coleorton (ref
QS3/38/4, film MF50).

On 15 Oct 1791, William Toone, a bondsman of Coleorton, was served with a
Filiation Order. His father is named as John. It is actually called a
B***ardy Order, but I won't spell it out, as some email systems may filter
out the email as containing bad language) (ref QS3/310/4, film MF64)

On 15 Jun 1799, a Filiation Order was raised in connection with Elizabeth
Toone, a single woman of the parish of Coleorton (ref QS3/340/80, film

On 04 Oct 1816, a Declaration was made by Elizabeth Toone of Coleorton (ref
QS3/409/6, film MF513). Although there is no further information in the
index, it is likely that it is connected with the following order :
On 23 Nov 1816, a Maintenance Order was raised in connection with Elizabeth
Toone of Coleorton (ref QS3/410/34, film MF513).

On 14 Feb 1820, a Filiation Order was raised in connection with Elizabeth
Toon, a single woman of the parish of Coleorton (ref QS3/429-31/2, film
On 08 Apr 1820, a Declaration was made by Elizabeth Toon of Coleorton (ref
QS3/429-31/16, film MF516)

Best wishes,


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Subject: [LEI] Toon family of Coleorton, Thringstone, Packington,

I thought I would start a new topic since things are getting kind of buried
in the Old school records thread.

Thank you to Mike and Geraldine for your leads! You've got me excited to
work on this family.

So I went over to FMP and did a search for the family in 1851. It looks
like the family have left the area after Edward Toon is born in April 1850,
as I found the family in 1851 living in Thringstone.

So I have an interesting history here:

John Toon is born in Coleorton in 1799-ish (have to order his parish
records to be looked up).
By 1841, he's married to Elizabeth Amelia Wheatley, still in Coleorton.
John stays in Coleorton until 1871, when he moves to Swannington,
I may have his death in 1879 in Leicester, however, the probate index
indicates he was a dairyman, and that doesn't seem to fit with the other
pieces of information I have about him. So that's probably wrong.

John's son James (my 3rd great grandfather) seems to be a basket case. He's
born in Thringstone in 1829.
He's with the family in 1841 in Coleorton.
In 1850, he marries Jane Halfpenny in Ashby-de-la-Zouch.
James's son Edward lists himself as being born in Coleorton on the census
in April 1850.
In 1851, he's listed in Thringstone on the census.
1861, the family is in Packington.
1871, the family is in Swannington
1881, the family is in Skegby where daughter Agnes is the post mistress.
In Sept Quarter 1901, I have James Toon's death (not quite proven yet, of

He is a coal miner, so I guess I should expect some bouncing around. But it
does make things complicated that they have so many children and that the
kids birth places change somewhat frequently on the censuses (I'm guessing
they lost their memories after so many children running through the house

So far for the children of James and Jane I have:
Edward 1 - b. April 1850 in Coleorton
James - b. 1853 in Thringstone
Sarah Ann - b. Dec Q 1853 in Thringstone
Edward 2 - b. Jan Q 1857 in Thringstone
Agnes - b. April 1858 in Thringstone
George - b. 1860 in Thringstone
William - b. 1861 in Coalville
Amos - b. 1862 Packington
Alice - b. 1864 in Swannington
Elizabeth - b. 1865 in Swannington
Clara - b. 1870 in Packington
John James - b. 1874 in Skegby, Notts.

Between Coleorton and Thringstone I'm going to be busy for quite awhile
with this family, I think!


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