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From: Will Lyles <>
Subject: RE: Tennessee Lemasters
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 01:12:32 -0400

Hi Terri

Last week you wrote about your lack of success with Tennessee Lemasters.
Below is some information on Maury Co., Tenn. Lemasters that you may or may
not find interesting. I also have family from Dover, but now Lemasters.
They are principally the Whitfords.

Best Wishes

Will Lyles

Generation Four

4. Isaac4 Lemaster (Joseph3, Richard2, Abraham1); born circa 1728;i
married Nancy Ann (--?--);ii died circa 1797.iii

Nancy Ann (--?--) probably married David Scott on 21 May 1802 at
Davidson Co., Tennessee.iv,v
Children of Isaac4 Lemaster and Nancy Ann (--?--) were as follows:
5 i. Joseph5, born 15 Nov 1748 at Maryland; married
Hannah (--?--); married Mary Waddell.
ii. Isaac.
iii. Richard.
iv. Benjamin.
v. Thomas; born circa 1755 at Maryland;vi married
Alidea Dallas circa 1780 at Maryland;vii died circa 1845 at Tyler Co., West
Virginia;viii buried at Main Cemetery, Middlebourne, Monongalia Co., West
vi. Mary.
vii. Charity.
viii. Catheryne.

Generation Five

5. Joseph5 Lemaster (Isaac4, Joseph3, Richard2, Abraham1); born 15
Nov 1748 at Maryland;x married Hannah (--?--);xi married Mary Waddell,
daughter of John Waddele and Mary (--?--), 1792 at Abbeville District,
South Carolina;xii died 10 Aug 1826 at Williamson Co., Tennessee, at age
He lived in 1776 at Maryland.xiv He began military service on 26 Dec
1776 at Morgantown, Virginia, he participated in the battles of Germantown
and Brandywine and in several engagements with the Indians.xv He ended
military service on 1 Mar 1780.xvi He and Mary Waddell lived circa 1807 at
Maury Co., Tennessee.xvii,xviii

Children of Joseph5 Lemaster and Hannah (--?--) were as follows:
i. Rebecca6; born 15 Jan 1784 at South Carolina;xix
married Alexander McKay before 1820;xx,xxi died 19 Feb 1850 at Maury Co.,
Tennessee, at age 66.xxii,xxiii
ii. Nancy; born circa 1785.xxiv
iii. Elizabeth; born circa 1788.xxv

Mary Waddell was born in 1758; (date seems to early).xxvi She died on
16 Apr 1845.xxvii
Children of Joseph5 Lemaster and Mary Waddell were as follows:
i. Captain John Waddell6; born 21 Oct 1793;xxviii
married Nancy Almond 11 Oct 1821 at Maury Co., Tennessee;xxix died 9 Sep
1876 at age 82;xxx buried at Tabernacle Cemetery, Green Hill, Lauderdale
Co., Alabama.xxxi
He and Nancy Almond were among the early members of the Methodist
Church in Columbia.xxxii He was a a Blacksmith circa 1873 at Lauderdale
Co., Alabama.xxxiii
ii. Hannah; born 26 Mar 1795 at South Carolina;xxxiv
married Joseph Polk;xxxv died 1 Sep 1853 at age 58.xxxvi
iii. Mary; born circa 1799.xxxvii
6 iv. Joseph, born circa 1801 at Georgia; married
Elizabeth Miller.
v. (--?--); married William Pzant.xxxviii
vi. Eliza; born circa 1807;xxxix married Wiley D.

Generation Six

6. Joseph6 Lemaster (Joseph5, Isaac4, Joseph3, Richard2, Abraham1);
born circa 1801 at Georgia;xli,xlii,xliii married Elizabeth Miller,
daughter of Frederick Miller, 7 Mar 1822 at Maury, Tennessee.xliv

Elizabeth Miller was born circa 1803 at Virginia.xlv,xlvi
Children of Joseph6 Lemaster and Elizabeth Miller were probably as
7 i. Eliza Jane7, born 30 Aug 1826 at Columbia,
Tennessee; married Samuel Halbert Haire.
8 ii. Robert, born 1828 at Tennessee; married Mary A.

Generation Seven

7. Eliza Jane7 Lemaster (Joseph6, Joseph5, Isaac4, Joseph3, Richard2,
Abraham1); born 30 Aug 1826 at Columbia, Tennessee;xlvii,xlviii,xlix
married Samuel Halbert Haire, son of John H. Haire and Elizabeth (--?--);
died 18 Nov 1906 at Connersville, Indiana, at age 80; died at house of
daughter, Mrs. S.N. Hamilton where she had been living for three years.
Life long member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Funeral from the
M.E. Church;l buried 21 Nov 1906 at ME Church, Smithton, Missouri.li
She and Samuel Halbert Haire lived after 1863 at Smithton, Pettis Co.,

Samuel Halbert Haire was born circa 1824 at Tennessee.liii,liv,lv He
was a Farmer between 1850 and 1860 at Cedar Co., Missouri.lvi,lvii He died
in 1866 at California.lviii
Children of Eliza Jane7 Lemaster and Samuel Halbert Haire were as
i. Newton Halbert8; born 11 Feb 1847 at Dade,
Missouri;lix married Ellen G. Combs 12 Apr 1877;lx died 26 Jan 1916 at
Smithton, Pettis, Missouri, at age 68;lxi buried 28 Jan 1916 at Smithton,
Pettis, Missouri.lxii
He was a Farmer.lxiii
ii. Charles H; born 11 Oct 1861 at Missouri; buried at
Smithton Cemetery, Smithton, Pettis Co., Missouri;lxiv died 13 Feb 1923 at
Kansas City, Missouri, at age 61.lxv
Never married, lived in Kansas City. Superintendent of Emery, Bird,
Thayer Department Store for 25 years (1898-1923).
iii. Doctor Robert; born circa 1856 at Missouri.lxvi
Studied medicine in Vienna, Austria. Practiced at first in Shell
City and then for many years in Clinton, Missouri.
iv. Elizabeth; born circa 1858 at Missouri;lxvii
married Doctor S M Hamilton; died at California; buried at Smithton,
Lived most of married life in Connersville, Indiana. Spent some time
in L.A.
9 v. Ophelia Josephine, born 17 Oct 1849 at Missouri;
married James Madison Layman.
8. Robert7 Lemaster (Joseph6, Joseph5, Isaac4, Joseph3, Richard2,
Abraham1); born 1828 at Tennessee;lxviii married Mary A. (--?--); died
circa 1859.lxix

Mary A. (--?--) was born circa 1827.lxx,lxxi
Children of Robert7 Lemaster and Mary A. (--?--) all born at Missouri
were as follows:
i. Albert8; born circa 1843.lxxii
ii. Lerena Elizabeth; born 1850.lxxiii,lxxiv
iii. Deeltha; born 1852.lxxv
iv. Mary M; born 1855.lxxvi
v. Sophie J; born 1858.lxxvii

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Hello to all LeMaster researchers . . .

I too am researching the LeMaster family. I am not having any luck at all.
The LeMaster's that I'm related too came from Dover, Tennessee. I know of
my great-grandfather George LeMaster. His wife was Emma Allen (who by the
way was adopted by Allen's) so I am at a real loss here. They had several
children one of which was my grandfather Thomas Jack LeMaster. He married
my grandmother Ruby Evelyn Goodin in Dover, Tennessee. He was a WWI
veteran. Ruby Evelyn was a descendent of Brittain Sexton who founded
Standing Rock in Dover. I cannot find anything on the LeMaster's from
Tennessee. They all moved to Granite City, IL where I'm from. George
LeMaster's children were: Rufus, Georgia, Nanny, Charles, Eddy Mae, Thomas

Jack, and Henny. I do know that George LeMaster's father was Sandy
LeMaster but I do not know where he was from. If anyone has any
information, I would be glad to share anything that I have but it sure
isn't very much.

Just as a little FYI, I'm also researching Goodin (Dover, TN), Frith (Trigg

Co, KY), McKinney's (Trigg Co) and Shelton (Trigg County). In fact I am
co-authoring a book with my cousin Ron Shelton on the Shelton's of Roaring

I would be glad to hear from anyone.

Terri Ann Frith Koelker

From: supermom
Sent: Saturday, April 04, 1998 10:20 AM
Subject: Kentucky Lemaster

Hello everyone...
I am researching the LEMASTER family in Ky...mainly Magoffin , Johnson and
Morgan counities.
We descend from Abraham LeMaistre/Lemaster.

Have noticed that hardly anyone has been posting since I have been on this
list. May I suggest that we all repost our queries and lines so that
newcomers will see what lines each of us are researching? By doing this
perhaps we will all gain info .

Let's join together to make this an active list....


Ann Lemaster Applegate

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