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Subject: Isaac Lemaster in Tennessee
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 22:38:39 -0500


I believe my ancestor is Benjamin Lemaster (d. 1837 Nicholas Co WV).
His daughter Mary was married to James C. Boggs, who died in Braxton
County, WV. Their son Benjamin L. Boggs m. Jane, and their daughter
Virginia Boggs m. Benjamin F. Fox. Their daughter Lucy Caroline Fox was
my great-grandmother.

From what I've been reading on the internet for several years, Benjamin
seems to be the brother of Joseph Lemaster of Maury County, TN.

Joseph Lemaster seems to be pretty well documented, but I didn't pay
much attention to where he lived til another researcher wrote about
finding records for an Isaac Lemaster in early Tennessee. That really
got my interest because I now live in middle TN.

I had already accumulated a bunch of land records from the Library of
Virginia (online) about an Isaac Lemaster in Monongalia Co VA(WV), but
didn't know how to proceed from there.

So, I wrote to the person who had mentioned Isaac in Tennessee, and they
sent me what they had on him. Most of the info was from books I don't

Based on these clues, I searched the internet and looked at maps, and
finally think I've found the general area where that Isaac lived, or at
least owned land. I still don't know which Isaac he might be, but my
daughter-in-law has promised to take me to the Nashville Archives soon
to see what else we can find.

Three men who were mentioned in some land record extracts in connection
with Isaac Lemaster were: James Bradley, Isaac Johnston, and Benajah Gray.

Isaac Lamasters got land in 1799 on the waters of Stones River, adj.
CAPT. BRADLEY's line. In this land record extract are mentioned the
"waters of Stones River". I found that one of those waters is Hurricane
Creek. The head of the West Branch of Hurricane Creek just happens to
be in the area of Battle Road, and Cane Ridge Cumberland Presbyterian
Church, within the city limits of Antioch, Davidson Co TN. The
importance of this location will be seen in the notes below.

Isaac Lemaster sold land to ISAAC JOHNSTON in 1800, adj. Capt. James
Bradley's corner. Benajah Gray was one of the witnesses.

I found that Isaac Johnston, a Revolutionary War soldier from NC, is
buried at the Cane Ridge Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Antioch. So
I went to see the gravesite, which is marked by the DAR.

Isaac Lamaster sold land to BENAJAH GRAY in 1800, waters of Stones
River, adj. Isaac Johnston and Lemaster's preemption. Isaac Johnston
was one of the witnesses.

I found that there is a site listed on the national register of historic
places called the Benajah Gray log house and slave cabin, 446 Battle
Road, Antioch, Davidson Co TN. It's period of significance, according
to the register listing, is 1800-1824. And, according to MapQuest,
that was just down the road from the Cane Ridge church. So I went for a
drive, and after getting lost a few times, because certain roads merge
for short distances, I finally found the house. It's a private
dwelling, so I didn't get out of the car, just sat in the driveway for a
bit and looked.

So, these men were neighbors, with their the properties adjoining --
Isaac Lemaster, Isaac Johnston, Capt. James Bradley, and Benajah Gray.

Benajah Gray's will was proved 1836, one of the witnesses was Isaac
Johnson. Isaac Johnston died in 1839. (James Bradley may be the one
who moved to Smith County, TN.) Don't yet know what happened to Isaac.

I plan to continue the search by first checking the land records, and
then possibly inquiring about the Cane Ridge church records.

Here is a link to a topo map showing the location of Cane Ridge church,
and on the map, the Benajah Gray house is located on Battle Road, about
where the word 'Cem' is (not 'Battle Cem'). This is an older topo, and
doesn't show all the modern roads, so if you are in the area, use a
newer map.


(Also, terraserver will give a topo and aerial photo to match, where the
aerial photo shows the present roads)

Regena Cogar

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