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Subject: [LEMKE] Carl Lemke from Gryfino
Date: 26 Aug 2001 12:14:21 -0600

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Dear Ralph:

Close but no cigar :-)

I don't have it in mine.

Have you looked at the Pommern page?


I added you to:
A: the Lemke mailing lists.
There is about 30 researchers there.
There is also an archives of messages from
other Lemke researchers.
I've copied this to the Lemke mailing lsit as well
to get you some idea.

B: the web site for Lemke. Just respond to
to the email you get.

I would suggest that you also post to the
message board on www.rootsweb.com.
There is another 30/40 there.

You mention the town of gryfino. Our Lemke's are from
gryfice. This is NNE from Szczecin off E 28.
How did you get gryfino? Was it on a document?

What do you hear from Gerald? The last I heard he was off
to Russia? Are you related to him?

Here are the Lemke's from a Pommern page below.

Best Regards

>From the Pommern database.

There are 120 matches.
Birth Death
Name Year Year Spouse's Name Father's Name
LEMKE, ADAM LYNN 5 Feb 1963 Catherine Rae Heger
LEMKE, ADELIA BERTHA ANNA15 Jan 1886 1973 Antone Herbert Hubert FehHerman Lemke
LEMKE, AGNES CHARLOTTE EMAbt 1866 Wilhelm Heinrich Degner
LEMKE, ALFRED Helmuth Lemke
LEMKE, ALMA 20 Jan 1884 18 Jun 1951 Louis Hall
LEMKE, ALWIN Nov 1895 Ferdinand L. John Lemke
LEMKE, AMALIE 15 Jan 1890 Ferdinand L. John Lemke
LEMKE, ANNA LOUISE 3 Jun 1872 11 May 1956 August Wilhelm Schulz Friedrick Lemke
LEMKE, AUGUST Abt 1865 Ella Prahl
LEMKE, AUGUST 19 Jun 1883 John Karl Friedrich Lemke
LEMKE, AUGUST FRIEDRICH W21 Mar 1820 Augustine Wilhelmine CharFranz Wilhelm Lemcke
LEMKE, AUGUST JOHANN FRIE18 Mar 1840 Philip Gottlieb Friedrich
LEMKE, AUGUST JULIUS 7 Jul 1859 3 Jul 1917 Anna Carolina Schumacher William Charles Lemke
LEMKE, AUGUSTA Abt 1840 Hermann Carl Ferdinand Ho
LEMKE, AUGUSTA Est 1855 William Gotthilf August B
LEMKE, AUGUSTA HULDA 30 May 1880 10 Jul 1941 Ehrhardt (Edward) Pirner Michael Lemke
LEMKE, BERTHA Abt 1855 John Schoessow
LEMKE, BERTHA 3 Sep 1885 John Karl Friedrich Lemke
LEMKE, BETTY 15 Oct 1863 4 Jun 1942 Frederick E. Moeller
LEMKE, BETTY DELORES 10 Jan 1953 James Arthur Schuenke Donald Robert Lemke
LEMKE, CARL FRIEDRICH WIL30 Sep 1828 12 Feb 1914 Auguste Caroline Sienert Johann Ernst Lemke
LEMKE, CAROL, MRS. Myron Lemke
LEMKE, CAROLINA 1832 Wilhelm Baumann
LEMKE, CAROLINA MARIA LYD20 Dec 1844 August Friedrich Wilhelm
LEMKE, CAROLINE LUISE MAR1792 1866 Gottfried Wilhelm Wille
LEMKE, CHARLES Abt 1875 Helena Bublitz
LEMKE, CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICAbt 1820 Dorothy Sophi Beckmann
LEMKE, CLARA Abt 1884 Max Klos John Karl Friedrich Lemke
LEMKE, CLARA Abt 1884 Bill Peterson John Karl Friedrich Lemke
LEMKE, DAN 22 Dec 1948 Lynette Radtke
LEMKE, DANIEL LEWIS 18 Aug 1946 Shirley Ann McElroy
LEMKE, DEBRA ANN 25 May 1957 Kit Lee Ames Donald Robert Lemke
LEMKE, DELBERT Walter C. Lemke
LEMKE, DONALD ROBERT 5 Nov 1932 Jane Lydia Werner Paul Arthur Lemke
LEMKE, EDMUND Aug 1894 Ferdinand L. John Lemke
LEMKE, ELMER 16 Nov 1906 4 Jun 1924 Ferdinand L. John Lemke
LEMKE, ELSA Abt 1887 John Karl Friedrich Lemke
LEMKE, EMILIE 11 Aug 1867 August Pieper
LEMKE, EMILIE, MRS. Abt 1863 Henry Lemke
LEMKE, EMMA ALBERTINE MATJul 1896 4 Apr 1955 Edin Bjerke August Julius Lemke
LEMKE, ERICK CARL AUGUST 4 Jun 1891 Ferdinand L. John Lemke
LEMKE, ESTER 23 Apr 1903 1 Nov 1983 Edwin Genskow
LEMKE, ESTHER 28 Oct 1900 Ferdinand L. John Lemke
LEMKE, FERDINAND 3 Nov 1886 John Karl Friedrich Lemke
LEMKE, FERDINAND L. JOHN 23 Nov 1863 2 May 1913 Johanna M. Wille Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Le
LEMKE, FRANK 4 Mar 1949 Nancy Caroline Chich
LEMKE, FRANK 29 Jun 1975 Frank Lemke
LEMKE, FRANZ EDUARD GOTTF21 Jan 1832 18 Mar 1909 Johanna Zelesah Franz Gottfried Lemke
LEMKE, FRANZ EDUARD GOTTF21 Jan 1832 18 Mar 1909 Amelia Zelesah Franz Gottfried Lemke
LEMKE, FRANZ GOTTFRIED 1783 6 Jul 1849 Wilhelminia Benz
LEMKE, FRIEDA 23 Oct 1898 23 May 1965 Arthur Hall
LEMKE, FRIEDA 11 Feb 1881 21 Apr 1926 Bernhard R.R. Krueger John Karl Friedrich Lemke
LEMKE, FRIEDRICH WILHELM 1831 Philip Gottlieb Friedrich
LEMKE, FRIEDRICK 19 Mar 1843 21 Dec 1914 Wilhelmine Juelsdorf Christian Friedrick Lemke
LEMKE, FRIEDRICK EDWARD A18 Oct 1856 1 Sep 1939 Johann Gottfried Lemke
LEMKE, FRIEDRIKE ERNESTIN1804 1871 Gottlieb Wilhelm Bauman
LEMKE, GLENN Walter C. Lemke
LEMKE, GOTTLEIB FRIEDRICH26 Oct 1829 Johanna Maria Charlotte SFranz Gottfried Lemke
LEMKE, GRANT LOUIS 1 Oct 1980 Daniel Lewis Lemke
LEMKE, HANNA FRIEDRICKE L18 Feb 1848 Franz Gottfried Lemke
LEMKE, HEDWIG Abt 1894 Anton Frenz Henry Lemke
LEMKE, HELMUTH Abt 1895 Elsie Hilgendorf Henry Lemke
LEMKE, HENRY Abt 1860 Emily Gierach
LEMKE, HENRY Abt 1857 Emilie, Mrs. Lemke
LEMKE, HERBERT 16 Jan 1899 Ferdinand L. John Lemke
LEMKE, HERMAN 1847 Emilie Tanck
LEMKE, HERMAN AUGUST GOTT22 Aug 1837 Philip Gottlieb Friedrich
LEMKE, HERMANN JULUIS 11 Apr 1842 W. Koepke Franz Gottfried Lemke
LEMKE, HERR Abt 1855 Bertha Dobberfuhl
LEMKE, HILDA 9 May 1900 Johannes Lemke
LEMKE, HULDA 13 May 1834 22 Jun 1902 Ulrich Kroening
LEMKE, IRENE Abt 1897 Richard F. Boehlke Henry Lemke
LEMKE, IRMA Abt 1908 Johannes Lemke
LEMKE, JAMIE 1 Nov 1982 Frank Lemke
LEMKE, JOHANN Est 1825 Anna Rosina Radtke
LEMKE, JOHANN ERNST Abt 1800 Charlotte Sophia Hafenmei
LEMKE, JOHANN FERDINAND 24 Feb 1834 24 Nov 1913 Ernestine Luetke Franz Gottfried Lemke
LEMKE, JOHANN FERDINAND 24 Feb 1834 24 Nov 1913 Johanna Zelesah Franz Gottfried Lemke
LEMKE, JOHANN FRIEDRICH 13 Sep 1834 Philip Gottlieb Friedrich
LEMKE, JOHANN GOTTFRIED 21 Dec 1822 Ernestine Roslie Ohm Michael, II Lemke
LEMKE, JOHANNA LUISE 15 Oct 1811 9 Feb 1887 Christian Friedrich KotenFriedrich Lemke
LEMKE, JOHANNES 10 Apr 1870 11 Mar 1915 Wilhelmine Riemer
LEMKE, JOHN KARL FRIEDRICAbt 1855 Aft 1896 Clara Christina E. Freese
LEMKE, JULIUS Abt 1860 Justine Pieper
LEMKE, LAURA 20 Apr 1888 21 Jan 1971 Emil Friede Henry Lemke
LEMKE, LAURA 20 Apr 1888 21 Jan 1971 Walter Brueggemann Henry Lemke
LEMKE, LAWRENCE Jun 1896 Ferdinand L. John Lemke
LEMKE, LEWIS Abt 1913 Johannes Lemke
LEMKE, LOUISE Abt 1835 Gottlieb Wallmann
LEMKE, LOUISE MARIA A. 21 Mar 1867 20 Jun 1930 Hermann Wilhelm GottfriedCarl Friedrich Wilhelm Le
LEMKE, LYDIA 21 Jun 1901 Reinhold Friede Charles Lemke
LEMKE, MARTIN DANIEL 22 May 1977 Daniel Lewis Lemke
LEMKE, MAX Abt 1885 Mildred Buckley John Karl Friedrich Lemke
LEMKE, MELANIE 6 Nov 1952 James Schellpfeffer
LEMKE, META 5 Oct 1909 Clarence A. Suelflow Johannes Lemke
LEMKE, MICHAEL 1760 Engel Zulke
LEMKE, MICHAEL 20 Sep 1852 15 Oct 1928 Rosalie Radtke Johann Lemke
LEMKE, MICHAEL, II 1780 Dorothea Sophia Conradt Michael Lemke
LEMKE, MILA META 4 Jul 1910 Clarence A. Suelflow
LEMKE, MORGAN Abt 1909 Mr. Rasmussen Max Lemke
LEMKE, MR. Abt 1850 Amalia Wille
LEMKE, MR. Abt 1885 Ella Mathwich
LEMKE, MYRON Carol, Mrs. Lemke Helmuth Lemke
LEMKE, NORMAN Alice Milbrath
LEMKE, PAUL ARTHUR Abt 1908 Lena Marie Landry
LEMKE, PHILIP FERDINAND 9 May 1843 Philip Gottlieb Friedrich
LEMKE, PHILIP GOTTLIEB FR1 Nov 1801 Dorothea Elizabeth Glamm
LEMKE, RAYMOND Helmuth Lemke
LEMKE, SANDRA 12 Apr 1944 Herman V. Stern
LEMKE, STEVEN MICHAEL 5 Aug 1964 Donald Robert Lemke
LEMKE, VIOLA 12 Jul 1902 Harry Suelflow Johannes Lemke
LEMKE, WALTER Abt 1905 Johannes Lemke
LEMKE, WALTER C. Abt 1905 26 Jan 1996 Bertha R. Dobberfuhl
LEMKE, WILHELMINE 15 Aug 1824 15 Aug 1908 August Prechel
LEMKE, WILHELMINE 6 Aug 1824 6 Aug 1908 August C. Friedrich Prech
LEMKE, WILHELMINIA ALBERT19 May 1839 Herr Lange Franz Gottfried Lemke
LEMKE, WILLIAM CHARLES 20 Dec 1820 7 Oct 1904 Frederika Kunt
LEMKER, SOPHIE DOROTHEA M18 Sep 1811 5 Apr 1899

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> John Hansen:
> Gerald Lemke gave me your E-mail address. I have been in contact with him
> regarding my great-grandfather, Carl Lemke, who was born April 27, 1816. One
> of his sons was my grandfather - Franz Eduard Lemke, who was born December
> 16, 1851, in Gebersdorf, Germany, which is now Gryfino, Poland.
> Gerald Lemke indicated that you have an enormous data base of Lemke's. I
> would be interested to know if the above names might be in your records.
> Thank you in advance,
> Ralph M. Lemcke
> 8750 Yardley Ct. #201
> Indianapolis, IN 46268
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