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From: "Pat Lenhart" <>
Subject: Lenhart DNA for Henry Lenhart (abt 1800-1850)
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 06:19:41 -0700
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The results of my son's DNA have arrived! It's official, my husband's
Lenhart line matches JPL's. I am thrilled beyond words...YIPPEE!!.......It
was easy to do, the only hard part was waiting for results.

I'll refresh everyone's memory because this hasn't been discussed since the
old Listbot days. I have not found a paper trail for Henry Lenhart(appx.
1800 - 1850) who had children with Rebecca Ward. All the children were
born in Belle Vernon, Fayette Co, PA (or at least Rebecca lived there all
her life and I assume she had her children there). All we have found on
Henry thus far is that he was in 1833-34 tax records listed as a boat
builder. In a 1859 city directory for Belle Vernon, Rebecca is listed as
the widow of Henry Lainhart. Rebecca left a will identifying her six

Camilla 1827-1876, married Wetzel, adult life in Tuscarwaras Co, OH
Amanda 1827-1891, married Husher & Jobes, lived Belle Vernon
Uriah 1833-1907, traveled all over, died in Iowa
Philip 1834-1912, adult life in Whiteside Co, ILL
Elizabeth/Lizzie, 1838-1910, never married, traveled with Wetzel family,
died Whiteside Co, ILL
Milton 1846-1881, lived Belle Vernon all his life.

The marriage records of the first two girls, Camilla and Amanda listed their
name as "Ward" so I am not sure they were born to the Lenhart husband.
However in later records of Camilla's son he lists his mother as Camilla
Lenhart. Henry Lenhart is not listed in any census I can find. Since he
worked as a boat builder, perhaps he traveled the river months at a time.
Is there a census for boat workers?? In the 1850 Census Henry's wife
Rebecca is living with her brother and her youngest son Milton. The older
two boys, Uriah and Philip, are living with their uncles-in-law which makes
me believe the uncles were the guardian's of those two boys, and maybe Henry
is dead by 1850. Our Philip indicates in some of his records that he was
under a guardianship of his uncle.

On the given names, Henry and Rebecca's first son was named Uriah.
Undoubtedly this was for Rebecca's brother Uriah with whom she was very
close. Perhaps he was the sponsor/godfather. The second son, Philip, is
my husband's line and that is most likely named for the Lenhart family as
there are no Philip's in Rebecca's immediate line.

The other Lenhart(s) in Belle Vernon in that time frame was Philip Lenhart,
who was the son of Michael Lenhart. Michael died before the 1850 census
while traveling on the river. Philip was the owner of a boat building
business in Belle Vernon and I am assuming that my Henry worked with him.
That Philip/Michael line is Pat Morgan's and she has not yet established
their Lenhart line.

Now.........where do I place him??? Don't know. The DNA is an exact match
with Robb, so perhaps he is from Philip's line...... Christopher has lots
of unidentified sons and grandsons, could be him. And Johan Peter, Jr. who
was in Somerset Co had a Henry on whom very little is known, although Henry
of JPL,Jr's line appears to still be alive as mentioned in the 1853 estate
of his brother.

Got any ideas??? Let me know.

How glad I am that I visited the Horn/Klusterklump, Germany area last year.
My oldest daughter and I spent a day there, met the Burgermeister, toured
the inside of the church, were met and treated royally by cousin Norbert
Kessler (lives in Koln) who interpreted for us and gave us a grand tour. It
was the highlight of my trip and pilgrimage to 14 ancestor villages.

Finally, a HUGE thanks to Georgia and Robb for their help and support in
this project.

Pat Lenhart
w/o of Russell Lenhart 1933-1996 (b. Whiteside Co, Ill, grew up Porter Co,
IN, lived adult life Los Angeles, CA)
Chauncey Lenhart, 1907-1987 (b. in Iowa, lived most of his life in
Whiteside Co, ILL, died CA in retirement)
Forest Lenhart, 1878-1937 (b. and lived all his life in Whiteside Co, ILL)

Philip Lenhart, 1834-1912 (b. Fayette Co, PA, moved to Whiteside Co, ILL
about 1858)
Henry Lenhart, estimate birth abt 1800-1815, died before 1859, found in
Belle Vernon 1833 tax record.

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