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Subject: [[LETSON-L]] RE: [[LETSON-L]] Re: Fwd: [[LETSON-L]] Jonathon Letson
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 23:09:34 -0800
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I think the chances of Robert being Jonathon's father are probably pretty
good. The census data shows Robert old enough to be Jonathon and George's
father, and all three lived in the same town. What are the odds of 3 lone
Letsons in 1 small town NOT being related?

To answer your question, according to the 1810 census, "J. Lutson" is found
in an "unknown township" in Oneida Co. But also found in Oneida County in
the 1810 census, in an "unnamed township" are: J. Letson, R. Letson, a
second J. Letson, J. Sweet and several Staffords (the Sweets, Staffords and
Letsons are all found in early Rhode Island censuses).

I'm sure you're right about why Jonathon doesn't appear in David's will. As
you point out, a Jonathon Letson died in the Civil War while serving with
the 117th Regiment, NY Infantry. According to Civil War records:
"117th Regiment, New York Infantry: Organized at Oneida and mustered in
August 8, 1862. Left State for Washington, D. C., August 22, 1862. Attached
to Defenses of Washington north of the Potomac, to October, 1862". This
citation later also mentions Folly Island.
Jonathon was certainly the only man by that name found in Oneida County
where the Regiment was formed.

I notice in your tree that you have David's sons listed as David Jr. b:
1816, Charles b: 1831 and Alfred b: 1833. Do you concur that we should now
add Jonathon b: 1826 and George b: 1817? (These last two names are from the
1860 census, and found living next door to David). And what about Linus,
whose name was found in David's will? (6 boys? Yikes. Must have been
something in the water).

No Letsons are found in a listing of headstones in the Old Westmoreland

Best regards,
Rick Jennings

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Sent: Friday, March 14, 2003 11:59 AM
Subject: [[LETSON-L]] Re: Fwd: [[LETSON-L]] Jonathon Letson

Rick and everyone else,

>Jonathon Letson is found on the 1800 Petersburg, Rensselaer, NY census with
>2 males under age 10, 1 male age 16 - 25 (Jonathon), and 1 female also age
>16 - 25, undoubtedly his wife. One of those 2 young males could possibly
>have been your David. A Robert and a George Letson live close by.
>Jonathon would have been too young to be found as a head of household in
>1790 census, and in fact does not appear.

Yep, I know of this one, but I can't prove anything either. I think
Sharleen in her book speculates that his father's name might have been

>In the 1810 census there doesn't appear to be a person listed as Jonathon
>Letson, but there are 2 "J. Letson" listings (neither appear to be "yours"
>as the ages of the children given in 1800 don't work), but there is an
>interesting listing for a "J. Lutson" found in Oneida County, NY. [Some of
>my Letsons also lived in Oneida at the time]. The ages of his children
>work with the earlier listing, and there is a "G. Stafford" living nearby;
>that's interesting to me because some Staffords and Letsons traveled
>together and also inter-married.

Hmm, didn't know about the J. Lutson. What township is he listed in?

> A couple of questions if I might:
>1. Jonathon Letson - how does he come to be in the #1 spot in your data?

He comes to the #1 spot based on information I have been passed by other
researchers in the last couple of years. Sadly, I haven't had the time to
try to get copies for myself of most of the original documents which they
note. (Having a toddler around will do that to you, I guess.) Here is the
deal. David Letson Jr. (my line), and Linus Letson are brothers according
to the will of David Letson, Sr, which was dated Sept. 21, 1867. It was
probated June 26, 1879, and David's death was noted therein as Sept. 6,
1869. Why there was such a long delay, if the dates given me are correct,
I don't know. But those are the dates listed on the retyped copy of an
extract of the probate package which was forwarded to me. I need to get a
copy of that probate record. But why connect Jonathan with this
David? Jonathan is listed as living with Linus in the 1850 census of
Augusta, Oneida County. Jonathan is then 82, with an occupation of
basketmaker. Also, according to my sources, David Sr. had a son named
Jonathan, but some of what I have been given is conflicting on this point,
and a Jonathan is not mentioned in David's will. However, there is a
Jonathan living next door to David and a couple of his sons (Alfred and
George) in Westmoreland in the 1860 census and a Jonathan who dies in the
Civil War (Jonathan Letson, pvt 117th Inf. died at Folly Island, July 13,
1863). This could explain why he isn't listed in the will. Hence the
query at the end of my previous Roll Call email.

>2. I have seen one David Letson listed in census data in 1820 and again in
>1830, both in Oneida County, NY. Using age data given in each, it looks
>he was born between 1790 and 1794. Is this your guy? Do you know for sure
>that he was born in New York? If he was, we may be able to connect him up -
>at least in theory - with one of the other NY Letsons we already know of.

Yep, this is my David. He is also in the 1840, 1850, and 1860 (as Lutzen
in the latter) censuses in Westmoreland, Oneida County, NY. What I know of
his birth place, I know from the 1850 and 1860 censuses, where his birth
state is listed as NY. And I have been told he is buried in "Old Cemetery"
in Westmoreland, but I am nowhere close to Oneida County to confirm that
one, either.

>3. [I know, I said "a couple" of questions] In which township in 1860
>County is your Jonathon Letson found, clustered with other Letsons?


>4. You have a death date of 1869 for David Senior, but his probate file is
>dated 1879?

Yep, see above.

>Hey, as long as you're already in Europe, how about hopping over to sunny,
>balmy England and finding the original Letson homestead?? I know everyone
>the list would certainly appreciate that tiny little favor.

Would be fun! But I don't know about toting a two year old around doing
this stuff. I think that might have to wait a few years. ;-)

Hope this answers your questions! If you have more, let me know.


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