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Subject: [LEWIS-L] John LEWIS and family
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 23:40:20 EST

Just started posting so bear with me. I rec'd handwritten info from my mother
who rec'd it from my granddad's cousins. I have tried to write the names as
they were written and listed siblings and children as best I can make it out
from the information I was given.

Anyway, this is some of what I have. I've further info referencing children,

1. Robert T. LEWIS, Sr m unk
2. John LEWIS m Nancy (or Elizabeth) SMITH
3. William LEWIS m Jane BUSTER
3. Elzira LEWIS m Laban HAIL
3. Charity LEWIS m Rob H. NEELY
3. Martha Ann LEWIS m Thomas HEATH
3. Joel D. LEWIS m Annie Kelly
4. Anna LEWIS m Samuel BRYANT
4. John LEWIS, II m Anna MARTIN
4. Joseph Martin LEWIS m Cecilia TATE
4. Jane LEWIS m John MARTIN
4. Nanny (or Nancy) LEWIS
4. Squire LEWIS m Hettie SLOAN
4. Margaret (Peggy) LEWIS m William SHADOAN
4. Peter LEWIS (b 6-18-1835, d 3-8-1906) m Cerena TATE (b 11-28-1839, d
7-12-1903) on 2-11-1855
5. General LEWIS
5. Lafayette (Lafe) LEWIS m 1st, unk; 2nd, Mary Sullivan SANDERS
6. Percy LEWIS
6. Owens LEWIS
6. Oscar LEWIS
6. Norman LEWIS
6. Bill LEWIS
6. Mae LEWIS
6. Verna LEWIS
6. Susie LEWIS m Ray WALLACE
6. Patricia (Patsy) LEWIS
5. Green(land) LEWIS m 1st Amie LEWIS, 2nd Mattie ?; Mattie's 2nd husband
was Frank BRYANT
6. Edd (Eddie or Edward) LEWIS m Minnie Knott BURNETT
6. Freddie LEWIS m twice unk
5. Lucy Ann m Lindsey HARGROVE
5. Tilithia m Schuyler HAIL
6. Kate HAIL m Sidgel Fred GREGORY
6. Mae HAIL
6. Ruth HAIL m Al COOPER
6. Lawrence Schuyler
5. Joe LEWIS m Vernia SIMPSON
6. Clyda LEWIS m Ray DAVIS
6. Homer LEWIS m unk
6. Mattie LEWIS m ? SMITH
6. Charity LEWIS m Ray FARRIS
6. Edna Kate LEWIS m ? DELLON
6. Peggy LEWIS m William SHADOAN
6. John LEWIS m Anna MARTIN
4. James S. LEWIS m Jane HAMILTON
4. Sally (Sarah) LEWIS m Tom HAMILTON
4. Polly LEWIS m William BRYANT
4. Charity LEWIS m Bill TAYLOR
3. Rev John Shelby LEWIS, Sr m Mary Jane KELLY (or Cally)
4. John Shelby LEWIS, Jr m Hettie Jane MARTIN
5. Samuel LEWIS m ? SUMMERS
5. Anna LEWIS m George CHANDLER
5. Giles LEWIS (Anna's twin)
5. Miles LEWIS m Lola FAULKNER
5. Zula LEWIS m Walter SALES
5. Mattie LEWIS m Dug FERGUSON
5. George LEWIS
5. Nettie LEWIS m ? FERGUSON
5. James "Criss" LEWIS m Martha SMITH
5. Nannie LEWIS m Rev Allen BALLOU
5. Polly Ann LEWIS m Levi BALLOU
5. Cicely LEWIS m Samuel BARNETT
5. William LEWIS m Nancy Jane SILVERS
5. Joel D. LEWIS m Harriet J. HAYNES
3. Nancy LEWIS m Martin SILVERS
3. Cicely LEWIS m Zedediah HEATH
3. Jerelda LEWIS m Conway WARMAN

If this will help you, great. If you can fill-in/verify dates, names for me I
would appreciate it.


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