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From: "Susan Rosine" <>
Subject: [LEWTER] Hardy, Exum, Kinchen Lewter
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 08:36:01 -0700

>From the Rootweb Ruffin Mailing List (1997):

Interesting discussion of FIRST names, including 'Kinchen' and 'Exum'. For
some reason this person seems to know when and where Hardy Lewter & Rebecca
Bunn were married??!!!

From: Emily Aulicino< >
Subject: RUFFIN, KINCHEN, EXUM as given names
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 00:30:53 -0700

For those of you who don't think I have one oar in the water, I want to
review for you the many times our RUFFIN, KINCHEN and even EXUM names that
are used as given names and the locations of such persons. I am hoping
that some of you researching these areas will share with those having these
surnames as given names will help them see if they connect to us. Granted,
a family could name a child after a well-known community figure, but most
of the time (other than for great historical figures) this is not the case
and the name is somewhere a family a surname.

Opinions aside, let's see what this group can do to help those who found
these odd names in their lineage. Take note of locations as the lines we
know in the same areas could relate to these people. Would love to hear
any tidbit that could help the researchers connected to these.

Ruffin RHEW, b. ca 1815 in Orange Co, NC and moved to Person Co, NC.
m. Susan ROBERTS, pos. the dau of Jesse ROERTS who may have been a
son of Abner ROBERTS and Winnifred

Kinchen LEWTER, b. ca 1796; d. Elkton, Giles Co, TN, son of Elias LEWTER
and Sarah WOOD
ch: Kinchin LEWTER, b. 1840 TN; d. by 1876 pos. TN; m. Maggie Mae
(Margaret) CAVE
Kinchen may have been born in Northamptons Co, NC as his father's
will was probated there in 1809.

Exum LEWTER, b. ca 1785, son of Hardy LEWTER and Rebecca BUNN
m. ?
Exum was pos. born in Northampton Co, NC as his parents married
there in 1772

Kinchen BASS (no details were given to me. Email: if you
have questions.)

Kinchen WEBB, b. ?; pos. lived in Greenville Co, VA before going to
m. Patsey HARRIS 26 Sept 1798
Kinchen's brother was Warren WEBB (see WARREN as a surname--related?)

Ruffin WEBB, b. 1810 probably in VA, son of Warren WEBB (the bro of Kinchen
WEBB) and his sec. wife Cidney
m. Sarah STARR
Ruffin pos. moved west as far as Alabama.

Kinchen WARREN, b. ca 1740 Northampton Co, NC; was in Rev War; son of
Robert WARREN from Surry Co, VA and
Elizabeth from Northampton Co, NC. (Robert WARREN is the
son of Allen WARREN, jr)
m. Rachel ANDERSON, dau of Carolus ANDERSON

Ruffin T. ROYCROFT, age 40, b. NC (1860 cen. Granville Co, NC)
m.1st Elizabeth CASH, dau of Valentine CASH & Prudence Yokely CASH;
m.2nd Eliza CASH (cousin of sorts to

Kinchen ROYCROFT, age 46, b. NC (1860 cen. Granville Co, NC)
m. Arena/Marina CASH, dau of Joseph CASH and Mary PETTEGRUE

Kinchen Roger WOMACK, b. 1800 GA; d. 1851 ("of Wilkes Co, GA"); son of
Mansel WOMACK and Sarah ROGERS
(The ROGERS lines goes back to Surry Co, VA & moved to
Northampton Co, NC ca 1740-60 then to Wilkes
Co, GA)

Ridley HARRUP (female) (several appear with the same name in this line and
many times the surname of a spouse
was used as a given name in this family) The line is found in
Southampton and Sussex Cos, VA
EX: Arthur HARRUP's lists son Jonathan HARRUP (Jonathan
named a dau Ridley HARRUP) and Arthur's
sister Ridley HARRUP.

Kinchen COBB from Pitt Co, NC

m. Linnie Maude ALFORD, dau of Kinchen ALFORD of Franklin Co, NC
"These BALLENTINES married ;into my KEMP family who is related to
the RUFFINS" per Wm. Royster KEMP)

Ruffin DeLOACH (well all know this line fairly well)

According to the Albermarle, VA Parish records: (Note: b. *could*
be baptised, not born)
Kinchen GILKS, b. 6/11/1755 to Richard and Mary GILKS
Kinchen HINES, b. 9/91759, son of John and Sarah HINES
Kincehn STACEY, b. 1/18/1763, son of Joseph and Farthey STACEY
Kinchen CHAPPELL, b. 2/9/1769, son of James and Eliz. CHAPPELL

Solutions and additions welcomed.

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