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From: Susan Rosine <>
Subject: Re: [LEWTER] Lewters and Faisons and Brownings
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 21:21:04 -0600
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I found William Browning and wife Martha in Texas in 1900. He states he was born in Tennessee; she states she was born in Alabama. They state they were married in 1894. They have three children; one born in July 1890 and one born in April 1892, both in Tennessee. The last child was born in Alabama in 1896--this boy is named William C. Browning. I'm guessing we have found the widower of Emma. Emma must have died after giving birth to two children. He remarried to Martha and went to Texas. That's my guess anyway.

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> Subject: Re: [LEWTER] Lewters and Faisons and Brownings
> So if W.C. Browning was married to a Martha, we don't actually know her maiden name. It must not be Faison.
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>>> So it seems to me. I've looked through all the old pre 1900 death notices
>>> I have; didn't see one for a Faison (any variant spelling) that might
>>> explain Imogene's concern.
>>> Ruth
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>>> So if Henry Faison married Martha Browning, the sister of W.C. Browning,
>>> then W.C. Browning's wife would be Henry's sister-IN-LAW????
>>> Susan
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>>>> Subject: Re: [LEWTER] Lewters and Faisons and Brownings
>>>> Here are more noties from research of Imogene McDonald - of interest are
>>> her
>>>> comments about two Martha Faison's, both supposedly daughters of Henry
>>>> Faison.
>>>> I (Imogene McDonald) don't understand why Henry Faison would have named
>>> two
>>>> daughters Martha. One married a Mr. Swinney and lived in Shelby County, TN
>>>> in Feb 1893 and Martha wife of W. C. Browning lived in Alabama.
>>>> Estate Settlements
>>>> File Box II, Filed March 12, 1887- pg 6
>>> Henry T. Faison
>>> his widow Jane Faison.
>>> Henry T. Faison LEFT FOUR CHILDREN surviving:
>>> 1. Henry T. Jr.,
>>> 2. A. Rebecca Swinnea,
>>> 3. Martha P. Swinnea
>>> 4. Eliza Beaman. Eliza Beaman died many years ago leaving:
>>> A. Mary F., wife of Jerry Murphy,
>>> B. Margaret wife of ____Clark,
>>> C. Martha Blanford (widow) and
>>> D. Sarah S. Fitzgerald who died leaving one son, Matthew Blanford
>>> Fitzgerald.
>>>> 1895 - File Box V-1, Case 5021, #11 Giles County, TN
>>> H. F. Faison died, intestate, in Giles County in January or February 1893
>>> [The Giles County, TN cemetery book, page 197, gives his death date as 12
>>> February 1902] (1902 can't be correct if the file box is dated
>>> 1895!!--Susan)
>>> He left surviving:
>>> 2(above). Martha Swinney a resident of Shelby County, Tennessee,
>>> 3(above). Becky Swinney resident of the State of Texas,
>>> ???? MARTHA wife of W. B. Browning resident of the State of Alabama, HIS
>>> 4(above). (4A) May wife of Jere Murphery and
>>> (4C) Mrs. _________ Blanford widow of ______ Blanford, CHILDREN OF HIS
>>> DECEASED SISTER sister 4(above) Mrs. ________ Beeman who died many years
>>> ago.
>>> HAD ANY CHILDREN. (so this is W.C. Browning's sister, Martha Browning,
>>> right?--Susan's note)
>>> Complaintant would further show that H. F. Faison was once the owner of a
>>> tract of land in District #1 bounded North
>>>> by McNeely, South by Boswell, East by Lewter, West by Brown and contained
>>>> 103 acres. H. F. and Martha Faison transferred to W. C. Browning in
>>>> consideration of a written contract which signature which (sic) was
>>>> irregular. P. C. Vanhoozer purchased the land from Browning. Since the
>>>> purchase Vanhoozer learned of the irregularity. Some of the heirs
>>>> threatened to sue to recover land. P. C. Vanhoozer came into Court to have
>>>> cloud on his deed removed. [Were there two Martha Faison, or did Martha
>>>> Faison Swinney marry W. C. Browning?]
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