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From: Josephine Lindsay Bass <>
Subject: Robert Lindsay of the Mount - Fairfax, VA Part I
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 20:40:06 -0400

I have backdoored my way into this family via Capt. Thomas Graves, my 8GF,
who had a dau, Verlinda Graves, who m. Wm Stone, 1st Protestant Gov of MD,
and their daughter Elizabeth Stone married William CALVERT - and after a
few generations, including a connection to the Presidential Harrison line,
we get to Ann Calvert who m. William Lindsay son of Robert of The Mount. I
will post the family of William, and brother to Opie Lindsay in increments
as it is a very large file. - his descendants migrated to GA > MS > LA > AR

One of Opie's children m. one of William's kids so there is some data here
on Opie as well.

Hope you find a link to yours. If so please let me know. josie

(1) 1. Robert LINDSAY Of The Mount
Birth Date:1710
Death Date:1784
Death Place:"The Mount" Fairfax, VA
Residence:Northumberland & Mt Pleasant, Fairfax Cos. VA
Sources:767 768 769


Robert's Will dated 11 sep 1784 proved 16 Nov 1784 naming his wife Susan
and children: William, Opie, Mary Ann and Thomas.
Execs: Opie and Thomas Lindsay. 769

Robert moved to Fairfax around 1740 and on 12 Aug 1743 executed a bill of
sale reciting that he was "Of the county of Fairfax and Colony of Virginia"
by which he transferred to William Taylor, his step-father, all his rights
as life tenant to the lands in Northumberland which his preceding
stepfather Thomas Ashton had left to him by his will.

His father Opie Lindsay, Esq. died in 1727 (Son of Robert, the immigrant)
and his estate was administered in Northumberland County by John Smith.
(Inventory of the movable estate 20 Sep 1727769) His widow Joyce Lindsay
married Thomas Ashton (1695-1734), son of Thomas Ashton who died about 1690
and was a brother of Charles Ashton who had been involved in 1665 in a
court case with the Rev David Lindsay which was described as a "very
scandalous affair." By his will Ashton devised to his "stepson, Robert
Lindsay" a life estate in certain lands on Cherry Point. Joyce Lindsay
Ashton married 3rd William Taylor who had been executor of her husband's

CONFLICT: Most accounts state that Robert Lindsay who built his home called
the Mount in Fairfax, married his second cousin Susanna Opie, dau of
Captain John Opie.

Possibly OPIE is her last name. Some have said her last name is Austin,
but no proof of this is given. It may be true however, that she was a dau
of a Capt Opie as the Opie family was a prominent one in Cornwall and a
large one. Many of them were engaged in the shipping business from Bristol
to Virginia. There were several Captain Opies.

769 Contemporary with the Lindsay family there lived, in Northumberland, VA
the family of Opies, who came from England. Thomas Opie, the founder and
first of the name in Virginia married Helen, the dau of the Rev David
Lindsay, and their son, Capt Thomas Opie, Jr lies buried beneath the same
tombstone as the Rev David Lindsay. "here also lyeth the body of Captain
Thomas Opie Jr of Bristol, grandson of Mr. David Lindsay, who departed this
life 16 November 1702."

Lindsay Family Association Report for 1911, page 187, refers to a bill of
sale from Robert Lindsay in 1743 recorded in Northumberland County stating
that Susanna was the daughter of "Captain Opie of Northumberland," there
was such a bill of sale dated 12 Aug 1743 referred to above but it contains
no reference to Susanna.

There is no dispute that Robert Lindsay's wife was named Susanna (Susan),
and they married prior to 1744 when she was witness to a deed in Fairfax.
She was still married to him when he died in Fairfax in 1784, and she was
still living at The Mount in 1791, and several years thereafter. She could
have been an Opie, but not the daughter of Captain John Opie. This is a
different Susanna b 1719 d. 1749 who m. Col Rodham Kenner. and 2nd Travers

Rev David Lindsay b in SCT 1603 d. in Northumberland Co. VA 1667, was the
son of Sir Hierome (Jerome) Lindsay 1562-1642, who was the son of Sir David
Lindsay 1532-1613, Bishop of Ross. and Margaret Colville.

The Rev David Lindsay left his entire estate to his dau, Helen d. 1698,
"Lynsday" and named her as executrix. She m. 1st Wiliam Wathen and 2nd
Thomas Opie of Bristol, ENG.

Robert Lindsay came to VA abt the same time as the Rev David Lindsay. He
is first mentioned in the records of Northumberland in 1665 when he
testified on behalf of Susanna Lindsay and gave his age as twenty four. In
the mid 1660s he had gone twice to Bristol and sailed back to VA. The
assumption that he was the son of the Rev David Lindsay by his first wife
has been disproved and the true relationship established by Mr. Donald
Whyte, F.S.A. Scot., L.H.G., acting on behalf of Jo White Linn who prepared
for Gordon Gray Esq., former Secretary of War under President Truman, the
excellent genealogy entitled "The Gray Family and Allied Lines". Mr. Gray
is a descendant of Robert Lindsay of The Mount, Fairfax Co. VA.

Mr. Whyte found in the Scottish records that Sir Hierome Lindsay and his
second wife Agnes Lindsay had dau Rachael (1612-1645) who married 1640 Lt.
Col. Bernard Lindsay (1603-after 1646) of Lochehill, SCT, a distant cousin.
Therefore, both Helen and Robert Lindsay were grandchildren of Sir Hierome
Lindsay. Robert was also a great grandson of Sir David Lindsay of The

A close relationship did exist between Rev David Lindsay and Robert
Lindsay, possibly related to the fact that Robert's mother died immediately
after his birth and his father was engaged in military service, and Rev
David may have undertaken to raise Robert in his home and brought Robert to
Virginia with him.768

769 "Robert Lindsay made oath concerning a statement of one Richard
Thompson who circulated a malicious and scandalous report about the wife of
Mr. David Lindsay, for which he was indicted and convicted by Court."
Northumberland Court House Records, January 1665.

Spouse:Susanna OPIE ?
Death Date:After 1791
Death Place:"The Mount" Fairfax, VA
Residence:Mt Pleasant, Fairfax Co. VA
Sources:767 769

Marriage Date:Before 1744
Marriage Place:VA

1. William m. Ann Calvert.
2. Opie m. 3 times.
3. Mary Ann m. Henry Boggess,
4.Thomas 1750-1830 m. Martha Scott-Fox b PA - issue 9
children. m. 2nd Susan Stubblefield. He inherited his homestead from his
father and lived comfortably the life of the Southern planter. The
plantation was a few miles from historic old Falls Church, and adjoining
"The Mount". Owned in 1889 by Mr. William Shreeve.

(2) 1.1 Opie LINDSAY
Residence:Fairfax Co. VA

Opie m. 1st Frankey Jett,
2nd- Margaret Lamkin-
sons- 1. Robert founder of a Branch of Lindsay in Rockingham Co. NC. m.
Elizabeth Wren;
2. Opie ,
3. Thomas &
and m. 3rd - Sarah Howerton (Fanny, John Opie and Hierome Opie) 767

769 Principal benefactor in his father's will.

"Opie looked upon himself as the head of the family despite his having an
elder brother, but it was doubtless on account of his inheriting the
paternal homestead.

Opie served for awhile, in youth, in the Revolutionary war as bearer of
dispatches from one position of the army to another and had some narrow
escapes, which it is said he was fond of relating."

Spouse:Margaret LAMPKIN
Residence:Fairfax Co. VA

Spouse Notes:
769 Of the Distinguished Lampkin and Chatam families of Virginia.


(3) 1.1.1 William LINDSAY
Birth Place:"The Mount" Mt. Pleasant, Fairfax Co. VA
Death Date:1844
Residence:"Marble Hill", Fairfax Co. VA
Sources:764 767 769

Buildt "Marble Hill" in Fairfax Co. VA which destroyed by fire.

Spouse:Maria LINDSAY
Birth Date:1787
Birth Place:"Laurel Hill" Fairfax Co. VA
Baptism Place:Methodist Episcopal Church
Death Date:1849
Death Place:Macon, Georgia
Occupation:Family Nurse
Residence:Culpeper & "Marble Hill" Fairfax Cos. VA & Macon, GA
Sources:764 769
Spouse Father:William LINDSAY (1743-1792)
Spouse Mother:Ann CALVERT (1751-1822)

Spouse Notes:
In abt 1847, After the death of her husband and the fire that destroyed her
home "Marble Hill", she removed to Georgia to be with her older son. She
was accompaned by a younger son and two daughters. Here she died, two
years later in her fiftieth year.

Marriage Date:1806
Marriage Place:VA

Ann Maria
Margaret (Twin)
Catherine (Twin)
Sara Louisa
Hierome Melancthaon "Hiram"
Mary Elizabeth
Charles William

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