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Subject: Re: Col. James Lindsay of Caroline Co., VA
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 11:13:19 -0500 (EST)

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Answer to message below:
I have a copy of the will of James Lindsey of Caroline Co. VA. The copy
of this will mentions date of 1782, but does not give exact dates for
time of writing or probate. I am sure many of you have seen this will.
I also have copies of the bible records for this James and his son
Reuben. Where these bible records are right now and if they can be
confirmed is unknown to me. Perhaps someone can fill in this
information. Some people believe the ancestor of the Surry-Ruthrford
Cos. NC Lindsey was this James of Caroline. It appears he is not. The
evidence is not all in yet, of course. James' will left all of his land
to Reuben Lindsey - his youngest son. Some of the land was to be sold
after James' and his wife Sarah 's death and split eight ways - to his
children (Caleb was specifically left out of this split - and one part
to children of Jacob). The bible records give us the dates of birth of
these 11 children and can be compared to the will. Bible records
mention Caleb (1720), Elizabeth (1724), John (1728), William (1731),
Jacob (1733), Sarah (1735), Mary (1738), James (1740), Daniel (1742),
Reuben (1747), Suckie (Sukie) - birth date left off of my copy. The
will gives the married names of some of the daughters and also that
Jacob was deceased. Other records sent to me concerning Henry Co. VA
state there was an estate for Jacob Lindsay/Lindsey in the will books of
that county in 1779. John (his brother) was adm. of estate. In 1796
(?), John asked to be relieved of his duties as he was leaving the
state. He mentioned the names of Jacobs' children as William, Caroline,
and Reuben. John had paid money for the care of these children to
himself and James Lindsey, heirs of James Lindsey, deceased of Caroline
Co. VA. (does this mean that a James Lindsey was included as heir of
James?). Anyone have a record of this court record?
Here is where the idea that this James of Caroline may have been
the father of James (b.1740) and the one who went to Surry Co. NC comes
about. The will mentions 8 living children and the 9th - Jacob,
deceased. The will does not mention William or James !!! It is
presumed William and James died young. The idea that James of Caroline
was father of James of Surry-Rutherford is enticing is because there are
many similar names used between the two families.
On the other side of the coin - Carlton Lindsey of Rutherford NC -
Trigg Co. KY had a son Talafero Lindsey. Who was the John Talaferro of
Caroline Co. VA that James Lindsey was indebted to in 1735 (Order Book)?
Who was the John Carlton that was involved in the NC deeds of this
family? These are the problems and clues laid out concerning the
connection of Rutherford Lindseys with Caroline VA Lindseys. I am
hoping someone can come up with some concrete help concerning these
problems. Anyone with more information?

Bob Jordan

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No, I have not come across any Lindsay Bible records.

I assume that the Reuben Lindsay that you mention is Col. Reuben Lindsay
of Albemarle Co., VA who m. 1) Sarah Walker, d/o Dr. Thomas Walker, and
m. 2) Hannah Tidwell. He is mentioned in several publications. I have
record of three children by his first wife and four children by his
second wife.

What documentation/publications do you have on James Lindsay, Sr, who
appeared 1800 Rutherford Co., NC ? I have been able to trace most of
the other children of James and Sarah for at least one generation down.

I am pleased to find an ally in my search for Lindsay information.


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