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From: "Susan Grabek" <>
Subject: RE: [LINDSAY] Some Lindsey/Lindsay marriages in Kentucky
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 19:07:18 -0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Hello to Ray and All,

Many of the Harrison Co. marriages listed in Margaret's information (thanks,
Margaret!) can be attributed to the David Lindsey family. David is believed
to be the brother of Hezekiah. He moved to Harrison Co., KY after the
Revolutionary War. In 1795, David was appointed the first coroner of
Harrison County. In 1796, David married Nancy McNey. (The name of David's
first wife is not known). David died in Harrison Co. in 1814, leaving a wife
Nancy, and twelve children.

David Lindsay, son of David, above, married Jean Ferguson. Jean is
believed to be the daughter of Henry Ferguson. After David died, Jean
married Ralph Martin. William Lindsey, another son of David, married
Rebecca McDowell. Of David's other sons, John married Mary Glass, Joseph
married Eleanor _____, James married Nancy Duncan, and Samuel died unmarried

David had six daughters. Anne married Andrew Makemson, Margaret (Pegga)
married John Makemson, and Jane married Thomas Makemson. Isabelle, another
daughter, married William Newell. Mary (Polly) married John Glass, and
Rebecca married William Montgomery.

The information I have on David is from The Lindsay-Lindsey Family of Pa.,
Va., Ky., and Ind., by Forrest Wood. I think that Forrest has done the most
extensive research on David and his descendants.

Although it is accepted that David Lindsey of Harrison Co. was the brother
of Hezekiah, a descendant has not participated in the Lindsay DNA project.
I think it would be helpful to locate a descendant who would be willing to
participate, so we would know for sure if David was related to Hezekiah. I'd
be willing to help finance the test, if needed.

I hope this information helps!


From: "Schulte, Francisco" < >
Subject: RE: [LINDSAY] Some Lindsey/Lindsay marriages in Kentucky
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 01:50:56 -0600
Thanks so much for your all your work, Margaret!

The very first couple Lindsay, David Ferguson, Jean 25 Oct 1809 Harrison Co.
KY interests me a lot as a descendent of the Hezekiah Lindsey, Sr., line
because "David" is a common name in our branch (Hezekiah's father and
brother were both "David") and also because we know that Hezekiah came to
Kentucky and then on to Ohio in the company of Isaac Ferguson. David Lindsey
Jr., died and is buried in Cynthiana, KY, I think. Is that Harrison County?

I recall a daughter of Isaac Ferguson (Nancy ?) marrying a son of Hezekiah.
Does anyone know if Jean Ferguson is another daughter of Isaac Ferguson?

The line Lindsey, Ann Makemson, Andrew 04 Sep 1800 Harrison Co. KY also
leaps off the page. I think I remember a Makemson marriage to someone from
our Hezekiah line, plus this is again in Harrison County. I wonder if this
David is David Lindsey, Jr., Hezekiah's brother? Anyone have more info on
any of that?

Greetings to all!

Ray Schulte

From: Margaret Smith [mailto: ]
Sent: Wed 2/9/2005 10:17 PM
Subject: [LINDSAY] Some Lindsey/Lindsay marriages in Kentucky

Some Kentucky Lindsey/Lindsay Marriages
Spouse 1 Spouse 2 Marriage Date Marriage Location
Lindsay, David Ferguson, Jean 25 Oct 1809 Harrison Co. KY
Lindsay, Delila Rascoe, William 15 Dec 1808 Christian Co. KY
Lindsay, Elijah Osborn, Mary[Mrs] 14 Dec 1819 Henry Co. KY
Lindsay, Eliza P. Lilley, William H. 24 Jul 1821 Fayette Co. KY
Lindsay, Elizabeth Little, William 08 Mar 1805 Henry Co. KY
Lindsay, Fulton Kerr, Polly 19 Jan 1803 Henry Co. KY
Lindsay, James Beall, Nancy 07 May 1814 Campbell Co. KY
Lindsay, James Cook, Tabitha 18 Oct 1819 Christian Co. KY
Lindsay, James Cooper, Lucy 04 May 1824 Gallatin Co. KY
Lindsay, Jane Cooper, Levin 11 Feb 1820 Fayette Co. KY
Lindsay, Jane Montgomery, James 03 Jul 1797 Garrard Co. KY
Lindsay, John Cavender, Jane 02 Oct 1796 Bourbon Co. KY
Lindsay, John Linn, Peggy 20 Mar 1810 Christian Co. KY
Lindsay, Joshua Caty, Mattex 26 Mar 1818 Henry Co. KY
Lindsay, Lucy Meeks, John 14 Dec 1813 Shelby Co. KY
Lindsay, Margaret T. Bain, William G. 03 Feb 1824 Fayette Co. KY
Lindsay, Mary Lasster, Joel 23 Aug 1807 Christian Co. KY
Lindsay, Neville Owins, Elizabeth 15 Mar 1808 Henderson Co. KY
Lindsay, Orlander Hardin, Sarah 21 Mar 1814 Franklin Co. KY
Lindsay, Patsy Cook, Joseph M. 09 Oct 1816 Christian Co. KY
Lindsay, Polly Cooper, Lewis 20 Feb 1823 Fayette Co. KY
Lindsay, Priscilla Holland, Andrew G. 04 Dec 1812 Christian
Co. KY
Lindsay, Richard Mcpike, Nancy 28 Mar 1809 Campbell Co. KY
Lindsay, Sally Dunn, James 18 Oct 1810 Shelby Co. KY
Lindsay, Sterling Asbell, Mary 22 Aug 1816 Caldwell Co. KY
Lindsay, Susannah Evans, Ezer 29 Apr 1813 Christian Co. KY
Lindsay, Temperance Northington, Michael 16 May 1819
Christian Co. KY
Lindsay, Vachal Cusenberry, Ann 20 Mar 1792 Bourbon Co. KY
Lindsay, Vincent Warren, Patsy 12 Jan 1813 Franklin Co. KY
Lindsey, Aaron Patsey, George 17 Mar 1818 Henry Co. KY
Lindsey, Alfred Scott, Jane 07 Feb 1814 Christian Co. KY
Lindsey, Alice Brown, --- 19 Jul 1800 Campbell Co. KY
Lindsey, Alice Brown, Joshua 06 Apr 1801 Campbell Co. KY
Lindsey, Ann Makemson, Andrew 04 Sep 1800 Harrison Co. KY
Lindsey, Anna Maria Cummins, William 07 Aug 1817 Montgomery
Co. KY
Lindsey, Anthony Jones, Jenny 16 Nov 1811 Henry Co. KY
Lindsey, Antony Ford, Rosanna 28 Jan 1821 Henry Co. KY
Lindsey, Antony Ford, Rosanna 29 Jan 1822 Henry Co. KY
Lindsey, Catharine Millin, Samuel 11 Dec 1802 Henry Co. KY
Lindsey, Catherine Ward, Charles 04 May 1819 Campbell Co. KY
Lindsey, David Mcnay, Nansy 17 Nov 1796 Harrison Co. KY
Lindsey, David Soantling, Livy 22 Nov 1794 Jefferson Co. KY
Lindsey, Dolphon Miller, Peggy 22 Mar 1815 Warren Co. KY
Lindsey, Dorcas Willis, Armstead 18 Dec 1823 Boone Co. KY
Lindsey, Elisha Holmes, Sarah 01 Sep 1797 Shelby Co. KY
Lindsey, Elizabeth Wilson, William D. 03 Nov 1825 Trigg Co. KY
Lindsey, Emily H. Thomas, Owen 04 Aug 1823 Washington Co. KY
Lindsey, Haiden Hanes, Mary 07 Jul 1816 Barren Co. KY
Lindsey, Isable Newell, William 10 Dec 1799 Harrison Co. KY
Lindsey, James Baker, Eliza 17 Mar 1809 Henry Co. KY
Lindsey, James Beall, Nancy 06 May 1815 Campbell Co. KY
Lindsey, James Carver, Tabitha 22 Feb 1821 Barren Co. KY
Lindsey, James Duncan, Nancy 25 Jul 1806 Mason Co. KY
Lindsey, James Hinch, Susanna 10 Feb 1787 Jefferson Co. KY
Lindsey, Jane Burton, Cuthbert 28 Oct 1824 Lincoln Co. KY
Lindsey, Jane Cox, William L. 01 Dec 1807 Franklin Co. KY
Lindsey, Jane Martin, Ralph 08 Jul 1822 Harrison Co. KY
Lindsey, Jesse Carr, Sarah[Mrs] 18 Feb 1824 Nelson Co. KY
Lindsey, John Basey, Harit 21 Dec 1816 Henry Co. KY
Lindsey, Joseph Poage, Anne 18 Jun 1781 Lincoln Co. KY
Lindsey, Joseph Phillips, Catharine 27 Apr 1810 Woodford Co. KY
Lindsey, Kesiah Madison, Leroy 30 May 1811 Butler Co. KY
Lindsey, Lackfield S. Northington, Mary 04 Feb 1825 Trigg Co. KY
Lindsey, Landon Hall, Susan M. 26 Jun 1811 Woodford Co. KY
Lindsey, Lydia Whittaker, Jesse 08 Jul 1793 Woodford Co. KY
Lindsey, Mahala Demaree, Samuel 14 Sep 1815 Shelby Co. KY
Lindsey, Malinda Coleson, William 09 Apr 1823 Trigg Co. KY
Lindsey, Marcus Hardin, Jane 16 Apr 1817 Washington Co. KY
Lindsey, Margaret Hiles, John 22 Dec 1822 Harrison Co. KY
Lindsey, Margaret Vance, Benjamin 12 Jun 1811 Fayette Co. KY
Lindsey, Martha Duncan, Ludwell 21 Dec 1824 Lincoln Co. KY
Lindsey, Mary Mitchell, George 24 Apr 1809 Warren Co. KY
Lindsey, Mary Williams, Wm. 03 May 1793 Woodford Co. KY
Lindsey, Masten Houchen, Viney 08 May 1824 Warren Co. KY
Lindsey, Nancy Cooper, Smauel 09 Jan 1795 Shelby Co. KY
Lindsey, Nancy Morgan, Lambert 07 Nov 1808 Breckinridge Co. KY
Lindsey, Nancy Wilkinson, Abraham 23 Jun 1812 Nelson Co. KY
Lindsey, Nimrod L. Grimes, Levina 13 Jan 1817 Bourbon Co. KY
Lindsey, Peggy Herald, Joseph 28 Oct 1823 Warren Co. KY
Lindsey, Peggy Makerson, John 22 Oct 1805 Pendleton Co. KY
Lindsey, Permelia Feland, William H. 05 Dec 1818 Lincoln Co. KY
Lindsey, Polly Glass, John 09 Dec 1807 Harrison Co. KY
Lindsey, Polly Sanders, Philip 14 May 1814 Christian Co. KY
Lindsey, Rebecca Montgomery, William 23 Nov 1797 Harrison Co. KY
Lindsey, Rebeccah Mountgomery, William 01 Nov 1797 Harrison
Co. KY
Lindsey, Ruhamah Rainey, William 29 Oct 1818 Montgomery Co. KY
Lindsey, Samuel Williams, Elizabeth 25 Oct 1820 Ohio Co. KY
Lindsey, Samuel Mccormick, Jane 23 Feb 1815 Shelby Co. KY
Lindsey, Sarah Felty, John 25 Nov 1824 Butler Co. KY
Lindsey, Sarah Moon, James 12 May 1816 Warren Co. KY
Lindsey, Stephen Reynolds, Rachel 11 Dec 1798 Campbell Co. KY
Lindsey, Susana Holland, John 25 Jun 1809 Christian Co. KY
Lindsey, Susanna Thorn, Michael 18 Aug 1819 Henry Co. KY
Lindsey, Thomas Corbin, Lucinda 13 Aug 1798 Campbell Co. KY
Lindsey, Thomas Six, Catherine 12 Mar 1821 Ohio Co. KY
Lindsey, Vincent Warren, Patsy 12 Jan 1813 Franklin Co. KY
Lindsey, William Cockrill, Susan 17 Nov 1813 Fayette Co. KY
Lindsey, William Edwards, Polly 06 Aug 1821 Warren Co. KY
Lindsey, William Mcdowell, Rebecca 10 Nov 1814 Harrison Co. KY
Lindsey, William Warren, Nutty 18 Jul 1822 Todd Co. KY
Lindsey, William Ashby, Rebecca 22 Apr 1819 Ohio Co. KY
Lindsey, William C. Hamilton, Mary H. 07 Aug 1823 Woodford
Co. KY
Lindsey, William L. McDaniel, Delilah 26 Oct 1823 Calloway
Co. KY

I don't have any other information on any of these.

Margaret Lindsey Smith

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