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Subject: [LIPFORD] Cornelius Holman Lipford
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Cornelius Holman Lipford, CSA, was born April 1847 in Cumberland County,
Virginia, the son of Thomas W. Lipford and Martha Jane Stratton, grandson of
Henry S. Lipford.
Cornelius H. Lipford married Josephine Eunice Pettit, daughter of Edward
Pettit and Angelina Poore, on 02 Nov 1869 in Marysville, Union County, Ohio.
She was born 24 May 1847 in Goochland County, VA and died 09 Nov 1914 in
Clayville, Powhatan County, VA.

C. H. Lipford's father died in 1854.

1859, Aug. 22
Cornelius H. Lipford, Grantor, John W. Nash, Grantee, Deed Book 28, page
682, Cumberland County, VA

1859, Sept. 26
Cornelius H. Lipford, Grantor, Martha J. Lipford, Grantee, Deed book 28,
page 698, Cumberland County, VA

Civil War Record:
C. H. Lipford, VA Inf. 25th Battalion. Co. H, is listed in the Roster of
Confederate Soldiers, Volume IX.

25th Battalion, Virginia Infantry (Richmond Battalion) (City Battalion)
"Units of the Confederate States Army" by Joseph H. Crute, Jr. contains no
history for this unit.

Cornelius Lipford and Josephine E. Pettit grew up near each other in the
Cumberland-Fluvanna area of Virginia.
After the Civil War, Cornelius Lipford went to Ohio to oversee a farm for a
Dr. Shields. Josephine E. Pettit followed soon after. They married in
Ohio, and their six children were born in Ohio.

1880 census, Union County, Ohio, Millcreek Township
Roll T9_1073
Page 155
Image 313
Cornelius Lipford 32 farmer born VA
Josephine Lipford 28 keeping house born VA
Cora S. Lipford 9 at school born OH
Edward H. Lipford 7 at school born OH
Ernest W. Lipford 6 at school born OH
Thomas Lipford 4 born OH
Vaden S. Lipford 2 born OH
Joseph S. Lipford 6/12 mo. (Nov 1879) born OH
Angelina M. Davis 20 niece housework born VA

In about 1880-1881 the family left Ohio for Macon, Georgia to go into
business with an older brother, William Henry Lipford. William had met a
Georgia girl during the Civil War and had settled in Macon. Not long after
their arrival, William H. Lipford died.

Cornelius and Josephine separated.
Around 1885-1887, Cornelius is said to have died of tuberculosis in
Josephine remained in Macon, Georgia, taking in boarders. Later she took
her three youngest boys and her daughter and moved back to Virginia to be
with relatives.

1900 census: Richmond City, VA
Richmond, Clay Ward, District 66
Josephine Lipford, age 53, born May 1847 VA, widow, 9 children/7 living
Thomas O. Lipford, age 24, born Dec 1875 OH, married 1 year
Vaden L. Lipford, age 22, born Nov 1877 OH
Joseph S. Lipford, age 20, born Nov 1879 OH
Norah E., daughter in law, age 24, born Oct 1875 OH, married 1 year, 0

1910 census: Richmond, Richmond, Virginia
Enumeration District 0112
Visit 0039
Josie Lipford, Servant
W. J. Sledd, Head of Household

Josephine Pettit Lipford died on November 9, 1914 or 1915, in Powhatan
County, near Clayville, Virginia. She is buried in Richmond, Virginia.

Children of Cornelius Holman Lipford and Josephine Eunice Pettit:

1. Cora Lee Lipford, born 1870 Marysville, Ohio; died 1952; married William
E. Terry abt 1891
Fannie L. Terry, born Jun 1893 Fluvanna County, VA
Roy N. Terry, born 22 Mar 1894 or 1895 Fluvanna County, VA
Pearl Eunice Terry, born Aug 1897 Fluvanna County, VA; died Jun 1956 Akron,
Ohio; married Dewitt Arthur Hawse
Inez S. Terry, born abt 1900 Fluvanna County, VA
Wright Emmet Terry, born abt 1902 Fluvanna County, VA; married Thelma L.
Mary Terry, born abt 1909 Fluvanna County, VA; died bef 1920 Fluvanna
County, VA

2. Edward Holdman Lipford, born 15 Aug 1874 Marysville, Union County, Ohio;
died 10 May 1948 Americus, Sumter County, GA; married (1) Katie May Palmer
26 Aug 1900 Helena, Telfair County, GA; married (2) Pearl D. Collins 21 Aug
1918 Georgia
Children of E. H. Lipford and Katie May Palmer:
Clifford Lee "Flip" Lipford, born 27 Oct 1902 Helena, Telfair County, GA;
died 24 Sep 1956 Americus, Sumter County, GA; married Mary Opal Parker
Emma Jo Lipford, born 15 Nov 1907 Helena, Telfair County, GA; died 08 Aug
1998 Tyler, Texas; married Hubert Columbus Sharman (Emma Jo was one of the
early Lipford researchers)
Edward Palmer Lipford, born 1911 Helena, Telfair County, GA; died 1913
America, Sumter County, GA; married Hubert Columbus Sherman
Child of E. H. Lipford and Pearl D. Collins:
Edward Holdman Lipford, Jr., born 28 Oct 1919 Americus, GA; died 12 Jul 2000
Charlotte, NC; married Ruth Wilson

3. Thomas O. Lipford, born 19 Dec 1875 Marysville, Ohio; died Jan 1943
Powhatan County, VA; married (1) Nora E. Wilford bef 1903 VA; married (2)
Adele Lee "Addie" Jennings bef 1918 VA
Children of T. O. Lipford and Nora E. Wilford:
Eldora Lipford, born abt 1903 Virginia
Floyd O. Lipford, born 28 Apr 1907 VA; died 03 Mar 1992

4. Ernest William Lipford, born 27 Mar 1874 Marysville, Ohio; died 18 Oct
1946 Bibb County, GA; married Frances Belle "Fannie" Avant 26 Jan 1898
Margaret Susan Lipford, born 06 Dec 1899 Savannah, GA; died 19 May 1991
Macon, Bibb County, GA; married Edward Marvin Lipford, son of Richard Amos
Lipford and Susan Nelson
James Russell Lipford, born 19 Dec 1902 Bibb County, GA; died 21 Jun 1998
Macon, GA; married (1) Cinderella abt 1930; married (2) Hazel Davidson 1937
Mary Josephine Lipford, born 13 Jul 1905 Bibb County, GA; died 03 Nov 1982
Bibb County, GA; married Benjamin F. Tyner
Ernest William Lipford, Jr., born 26 May 1908 Macon, GA; died Dec 1986
Gaithersburg, Maryland; married Evelyn Louise Heath

5. Vaden Luther Lipford, born 30 Nov 1877 Maryville, Ohio; died 25 Apr 1937
Henrico County, VA; married Elizabeth M. "Lizzie" Druen 24 Apr 1902
Richmond, VA
Horace Luther Lipford, born abt 1905 Henrico County, Va; died abt 1988 VA;
married Luda Belle Steele
James Emmett Lipford, born 02 Mar 1909 Henrico County, VA; died 06 Feb 1987
Mill Creek, Everett County, Washington; married (1) Exie Spencer; married
(2) Madeline Canfield
Ernest Beverly Lipford, born 25 Mar 1910 Henrico County, VA; died 01 May
1984 Damascus, Maryland; married Rebecca Miller
John H. Lipford, born 1909-1910 Henrico County, VA; died bef 1920 Henrico
County, VA

6. Joseph Shields Lipford, born Nov 1879 Marysville, Ohio; died 1944 Boston,
Massachusetts; married (1) Alice M., 1900-1910; married (2) Frances "Fannie
Snoddy abt 1913; married Nellie J. bef 1930
Children of J. S. Lipford and Alice M.:
Caroline Lipford, born 1910 VA
Joseph Shields Lipford, Jr., born 26 Nov 1911 Richmond, VA; died 08 Aug 1996
Boston, MA
Child of J. S. Lipford and Fannie Snoddy:
Sanford Anderson "Andy" Lipford, Dr., born 04 Mar 1914 Richmond, VA; died 25
Jul 1998 Martinsville, VA (lived in Bassett, VA); married Lelia Ruth Mattox

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