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Subject: [LIPFORD] Mary B. Lipford (1823-1873)
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 08:16:48 -0500

Mary B. Lipford, daughter of Amos Lipford II and Elizabeth Frizzell Lipford,
granddaughter of Anthony Par Lipford and Elizabeth Robinson, was born 1823
in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. She died June 1873 in Gretna, Pittsylvania
County, VA.
Mary married (1) William David Yates, son of Samuel Yates and Mary (Polly)
Davis Yates, about November 20, 1838 in Pittsylvania County.
William was born April 20, 1813 in Pittsylvania County and died Abt. 1864 in
Gretna, Pittsylvania County.
After his death, Mary married (2) William S. Yates, son of William Thomas
Yates and Mary (Polly) Shelhorse Yates on 27 Sep 1868 in Pittsylvania
County, VA. William S. Yates was born 20 Apr 1813 in Pittsylvania County
and died August 1873 in Pittsylvania County, VA, two months after his wife
Mary died.

Mary's marriage to William D. Yates was recorded in Pittsylvania County,
Virginia on November 20-22, 1838.
The record shows she was a daughter of Amos Lipford, who consented to the
Richard Parsons was surety for the wedding.

Mary Lipford married Wm D. Yeatts of Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Source: Virginia Genealogist Volume 28, page 316

1840 census: Pittsylvania County, VA
Southern District
William Yates
1 male 20-30 (William Yates born 1813)
1 female under 5 (Margaret F. Yates born 1839)
1 female 15-20 (Mary B. Yates born 1823)

1850 census, Northern District, Pittsylvania County, VA
William D. Yates, age 37, Farmer
Mary, age 30 (Mary B. Lipford Yates)
Margaret, age 10
Abram, age 9
Eliza, age 7
Rebecca, age 4
Isaac, age 1

1860 United States Federal Census Record
Home in 1860: North District, Pittsylvania, Virginia
Post Office: Chalklevel
William D Yeatts 47
Mary B Yeatts 41
Margaret F Yeatts 20
Abram Yeatts 18
Eliza Yeatts 16
Rebecca J Yeatts 14
Isaac Yeatts 11
Jacob Yeatts 9
Benjamin Yeatts 5
Cibby W Yeatts 3
John C Shelton 22

After her husband's death in 1864, Mary married William S. Yates.
William S. Yates had been married to Elvira Cabell Coleman and after her
death, he married Mary.
William S. Yates and Elvira Coleman had eleven (11) children:
Sarah Lewis Yeatts, Robert W. Yates, Thomas M. Yeatts, Jane A. Yeatts, Eliza
A. Yeatts, James William Yeatts, John Alonza Yeatts, William A. Yeatts,
Martha F. Yeatts, Ann M. Yeatts, and Mary Frances Yeatts.
William S. Yates and Mary B. Lipford had no children.

1870 census: Roanoke County, VA
Cave Spring
William S. Yates, age 51
Mary, age 47
Thomas, age 22 (child of Wm. S. Yates)
Jane, age 17 (child of Wm. S Yates)
Eliza, age 13 (child of Wm. S. Yates)
Buchanon, age 10 (child of Wm. S. Yates)
John Yates, age 8 (child of Wm. S. Yates)
Fanny, age 6 (child of Wm. S. Yates)
Elizabeth, age 22 (wife of Thomas Yeatts)

Mary died June 1873 In Gretna, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Mary L. Yeatts and her husband William D. Yeatts are buried at "The Pines"
Yeatts-Shelton Cemetery located on Taylors Mill Road south of Gretna, on the
left, just after crossing the railroad tracks. The tract of land was part
of the Yates Tavern property, going to William D. Yeatts upon settlement of
his father, Samuel Yates' estate.
The cemetery's name was derived from the fact that for years it was covered
with beautiful tall pine trees.
Source: Submitted by Dell Midkiff Tyler to the Pittsylvania County Heritage
Book Volume Two, Family 22, Page 7

Children (9) of Mary B. Lipford and William David Yates:

1. Margaret F. Yeatts, born 29 Aug 1839 Pittsylvania County, VA; died 1873
in Gretna, Pittsylvania County, VA
married John Tyler Shelton 20 Jun 1861 Pittsylvania County, VA
Charles Bruce Shelton, born 29 Jun 1867 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died aft 1930;
married Lucy Agnes Little 09 Feb 1888 Pittsylvania County, VA
Irvin K. Shelton, born 03 Nov 1868 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 06 Mar 1939
Pittsylvania Co. VA; married Willie Jane Adams 21 May 1890 Pittsylvania Co.
Ida Lee Shelton, born 18 Jun 1871 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 29 May 1943
Pittsylvania Co. VA; married Ellis Gravitt Bowler 02 Oct 1890 Pittsylvania
Co. VA
Lelia F. Shelton, born 1873 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 01 Jul 1930 Danville,
VA; married John Alonza Yeatts 16 May 1894 Pittsylvania Co. VA

2. Abram Yeatts, born 1841 Pittsylvania County, VA; died 10 Nov 1861 Gretna,
Pittsylvania County, VA (died of measles while serving in the Civil War)

3. Eliza Virginia "Jenny" Yeatts, born 26 Feb 1844 Pittsylvania County, VA;
died 1927 Pittsylvania County, VA
married (1) John Coleman Shelton 07 Jun 1860 Pittsylvania County, VA;
married (2) Charles Robert Worley 28 Jan 1864 Pittsylvania County, VA
Child of Jenny and John Coleman Shelton:
Mary Jane Shelton, born 22 Sep 1861 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 02 Dec 1924
Pittsylvania Co. VA; married Thomas J. Midkiff abt 1880 Pittsylvania Co. VA
Children of Jenny and Charles Robert Worley:
William Pinckney Worley, born Jul 1865 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died aft 1920;
married Rebecca V. Shelton 18 Jul 1886 Pittsylvania Co. VA
John Henry Worley, born Sep 1870 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died Mar 1942
Pittsylvania Co. VA; married Emma Jane Liggon 18 Feb 1891 Pittsylvania Co.
Charles Worley, born abt 1872 Pittsylvania Co. VA
Rosa Lee Worley, born Dec 1872 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died aft 1930; married
George A. P. Pruitt 06 Jan 1887 Pittsylvania Co. VA
Lethia T. Worley, born Apr 1875 Pittsylvania Co. VA; married David A. Dyer
abt 1893
Bernard Greenwood Worley, born 31 Mar 1885 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died Aug
1932; married Elizabeth Pickral abt 1907

4. Rebecca Jane Yeatts, born 20 Apr 1846 Pittsylvania County, VA; died 08
Nov 1920 Pittsylvania County, VA
married William Henry Shelton 20 Jun 1861 Pittsylvania County, VA
Abraham J. Shelton, born 13 Oct 1866 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 10 Sep 1941;
married Mary B. Warren 18 Dec 1889 Pittsylvania Co. VA
Ludema B. Shelton, born Jul 1870 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died aft 1920; married
David J. Simpson 10 Dec 1889 Pittsylvania Co. VA
Andrew J. Shelton, born 1871 Pittsylvania Co. VA
Ruhammer M. Shelton, born 10 Jul 1873 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 13 May 1934;
married James Robert Willis 22 Jan 1890
Virginia W. Shelton, born 28 Dec 1875 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died abt 1915
Pittsylvania Co. VA; married George Washington Shelton 1897
Louisa P. Shelton, born Mar 1878 Pittsylvania Co. VA
Earnest Martin Shelton, born 25 Jul 1881 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died aft 1930;
married Callie E. Lowe 1905
Etta J. Shelton, born Jul 1883 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died aft 1930; married
John Edgar Norton 1903
Nannie/Fannie B. Shelton, born 27 Oct 1886 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 14 Jan

5. Isaac Anthony Yeatts, born 14 Mar 1849 Pittsylvania County, VA; died 29
Dec 1916 Amelia County, VA
married Sarah Lewis Yeatts, dau of William S. Yates and Elvira Cabell
Coleman, 04 May 1869 Pittsylvania County, VA
Benjamin Coleman Yeatts, born 05 Jun 1873 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 19 May
1933 Amelia Co. VA; married Mary Elizabeth Hamlett 19 Oct 1898 Pittsylvania
Co. VA
Izella M. Yeatts, born 22 Oct 1876 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 24 Nov 1955
Amelia Co. VA
Louisa William Yeatts, born May 1878 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 1961 Amelia
Co. VA; married Wilford Grayson Rowles 1902
Joseph Damon Yeatts, born 28 Feb 1882 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 25 Jan 1961
Nottoway Co. VA; married Nannie Maude Hamlett 1903
Abraham Jacob Yeatts, born 12 May 1883 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 04 Jan 1973
Lunenburg Co. VA; married Etta Lee Rowles 1903
Isaac Greenwood Yeatts, born 05 Apr 1887 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 10 Feb
1971 Dougherty Co. GA; married (1) Clara Belle Doss 1909; married (2) Ruth
Griffin 1951
Taylor Lewis Yeatts, born 20 Feb 1888 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 28 Jan 1979
Pittsylvania Co. VA; married Annie Lee Merricks 1909
Edmond Fitzgerald Yeatts, born 22 Jan 1890 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 10 Mar
1962 Amelia Co. VA; married Nellie Jane Hamlett 1919
Rebecca Ivy Yeatts, born 02 Apr 1892 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 11 Dec 1948
Lunenburg Co. VA; married Robert Carrington Elliott 1909
Levi Honley Yeatts, born 10 Aug 1894 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 14 Oct 1918
in France during WWI
Martha Jane Yeatts, born 18 Sep 1896 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 20 May 1992
Amelia Co. VA; married Henry Rowlett 1919

6. Jacob Thomas Yeatts, born 26 Feb 1852 Pittsylvania County, VA; died 1928
Pittsylvania County, VA
married Mary Elizabeth Dalton 04 Jan 1872 Pittsylvania County, VA
Booker Amos Yeatts, born 05 Feb 1873 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 08 Feb 1944
Pittsylvania Co. VA; married Lelia Lou Atkinson 25 Dec 1894 Pittsylvania Co.
William Grayson Yeatts, born 09 Feb 1875 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 04 Jun
1959 Pittsylvania Co. VA; married Lou Ella Dalton 1902
Legar Hunt Yeatts, born 09 Jul 1877 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 09 Jun 1962
Pittsylvania Co. VA; married Sallie Bett Smith 1906
Charles Jacob Yeatts, born 12 May 1879 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 03 Aug 1949
Rockingham Co. NC; married Hester V. Pickeral 1901
James Anderson Yeatts, born 01 Mar 1882 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 23 Mar
1964 Pittsylvania Co. VA; married Nannie Jane Bryant 1901
Isaac Abraham Yeatts, born 28 Jan 1885 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 09 Mar 1963
Pittsylvania Co. VA
Mary Elizabeth yeatts, born 28 Sep 1888 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 20 Nov
1978 Pittsylvania Co. VA; married Charles Anderson Dalton 1911
Sammy Wilford Yeatts, born 02 Aug 1890 Pittsylvania Co. VA; died 10 Jul 1967
Pittsylvania Co. VA

7. Benjamin G. Yates, born 28 Dec 1854 Pittsylvania County, VA; died 29 Jan
1928 Alleghany Springs, Montgomery County, VA
married Marthie "Mattie" Parrish 19 Dec 1875 Franklin County, VA

8. Sybil William "Sibby" Yates, born 18 Mar 1858 Pittsylvania County, VA;
died 12 Dec 1920 Gretna, Pittsylvania County, VA
married John Henry Midkiff 16 Nov 1876 Pittsylvania County, VA

9. Bird R. Yeatts, born 21 Dec 1860 Pittsylvania County, VA; died 24 Dec
1860 Pittsylvania County, VA

William D. Yeatts (1813-1860), the son of Samuel (1776-1836) and Mary
"Polly" (Davis) Yates (c. 1775-1858, one time proprietors of Yates Tavern,
Gretna, VA) and Mary B. Lipford (1820-1873), daughter of Amos (1786-1866)
and Elizabeth (Frizzell) Lipford (1794-1878), were married November 20, 1838
in Pittsylvania County, VA. They were the parents of nine children... (whom
she lists).
Not much is known about William D. other than he was a farmer, but from
stories handed down from generation to generation, Mary B. Yeatts was quite
the pioneer woman. She was not only a helpmate to her husband, a housewife
and mother to nine children; she was also the community midwife. My
grandmother Tencie (Bowler) Midkiff, told me that Mary, her
great-grandmother, would ride out on horseback, in any kind of weather and
at any time of the night or day, when she got the message that a new baby
was on the way and that her services were needed. This talent was evidently
handed down to my grandmother. Several years ago, Granny had tried to
remember all of the babies she had helped bring into the world, and that to
the best of her knowledge, she had helped deliver over fifty babies in her
After William D. died in 1860, Mary married William S. Yeatts on September
27, 1868. They moved to the Roanoke area where she stayed for a short time
but returned to Pittsylvania County where she eventually died and is buried.
Mary's father and mother (Amos and Elizabeth) along with several of their
children left Pittsylvania County and moved to Tennessee where they were
among the earliest settlers to that area.
See the story John Tyler (Shelton) and William Henry Shelton, A civil War
Story to learn of another of Mary B. Lipford's accomplishments. Though this
story tells of something that was not exactly the legal thing to do, she
must have been one strong, colorful, fearless and gutsy lady.
Obliviously I never got the chance to meet her personally, but I would have
loved to have known her. I, for one, truly admire anyone who follows their
conscience, no matter what the consequences may be. She was made of the
"stuff" that helped to settle this country and make it what it is today. We
certainly need more like her today.
Submitted by Margaret M. Midkiff to the Pittsylvania County Virginia
Heritage Book 1767-2006, Volume Two, Family 1300, pages 399-400

John Tyler (Shelton) and William Henry Shelton, A Civil War Story
My grandmother Tencie (Bowler) Midkiff is a grand-daughter of John Tyler and
Margaret F. (Yeatts) Shelton depicted in this story. The following is
family lore and was told to me by my grandmother when I first started
researching my family tree some 25 years ago.
John Tyler Shelton (son of William C. and Christiana Arnold Shelton), who
married Margaret F. Yeatts, and William Henry Shelton (son of Littleberry
and Elizabeth Mustain Shelton) who married Rebecca Jane Yeatts, were not
only first cousins and best friends, but they had also married sisters.
Both of them signed up to fight in the Civil War with Pittsylvania County's
57th Infantry at the same time. During the war John experienced several
bouts of ill health and was hospitalized on a number of occasions for
various ailments.
Granny said that John, due to home sickness and his missing his young bride,
would come home at times without permission, in other words he would go
AWOL. On one of his visits home, his friend William decided to come home,
too, also without permission. In an effort to keep them from being picked
up and returned to battle, their mother-in-law Mary B. (Lipford) Yeatts, the
widow of William D. Yeatts, allowed them to build a false wall in an old
barn that was situated on the family's farm, which is where "The Pines"
cemetery is now located. The two young men, both approximately 20 years of
age, would hide out in the space behind this wall during the day and would
come out briefly during the night to replenish their food and water.
Meanwhile, "bounty hunters" had come to the Gretna, VA area in search of any
deserters and posted signs in prominent places, stating that anyone turning
in an AWOL soldier would be given a new pair of boots upon their capture.
Being that boots were in short supply due to the war, this was quite an
It was at this time that Charles Robert Worley (son of George A. and
Elizabeth Reynolds Worley), who was married to Eliza Virginia Yeatts, who
was a sister to Rebecca and Margaret, decided to get himself a new pair of
boots. Charles summarily notified the authorities of the whereabouts of
John and William and received his reward.
Consequently, John and William were both incarcerated at Castle Thunder in
Richmond, VA, for being AWOL and Mary Yeatts was also incarcerated at the
same place for harboring and aiding them. There they all three remained
until the end of the war.
Castle Thunder was one of several tobacco warehouses that had been converted
into Confederate prisons and housed the folks that had committed any number
of offenses during this period. From personal research, I have learned that
Castle Thunder was a pretty bad place to be jailed and most especially for
the women prisoners.
Submitted by Margaret Midkiff to the Pittsylvania County Virginia Heritage
Book 1767-2006, Volume Two, Family 1147, page 345

John Yeardley Yates, William D. Yates, and Byrd R. Yates were sons of
Samuel Yates and Mary (Polly) Davis Yates. They were grandsons of Stephen
Yates and Lydia Parsons Yates, all of Pittsylvania County.
Elizabeth Feline Lipford , Mary B. Lipford, and Julia R. Lipford were
all granddaughters of Anthony Par Lipford and Elizabeth Robinson Lipford.
John Yeardley Yates, born January 1, 1807 in Pittsylvania County,
married Elizabeth Feline Lipford on December 16, 1825. Elizabeth, born
December 1, 1814 in Pittsylvania County, was the daughter of Daniel Lipford
and Elizabeth (Betsey) Robertson Lipford. Her grandfather Anthony Par
Lipford was bondsman for her marriage to John.
John Yeardley Yates and Elizabeth Feline Lipford Yates had thirteen
children: William Anthony Yates, Henry Fleming Yates, George Washington
Yates, Richard Davis Yates, Susan Jane Yates, Beverly Arnold Yates,
Ferdinand N. Yates, Thomas Monroe Yates, Hartwell F. Yates, Elvira A. Yates,
Mary Elizabeth Yates, John David Yates and James B. Yates. The family was
living in Pittsylvania County in 1850 and by 1860 they had moved to Patrick
John Yeardley Yates was listed on the Muster Roll of the 53rd Regiment
of Pickett's Division during the Civil War, and five of his sons served in
the war.
Shorly after 1870 the family moved to Floyd County, where John died on
February 16, 1882, and Elizabeth died on March 24, 1908. They are both
buried in the Yates Cemetery.
William D. Yates, born April 20, 1813 in Pittsylvania County, married
Mary B. Lipford on November 20, 1838 in the county. Mary was born 1823, the
daughter of Amos Lipford (who consented to the marriage) and his wife
Elizabeth Frizzell Lipford, and the granddaughter of Anthony Par Lipford.
William and Mary had eight children: Margaret F. Yeatts, Abram Yeatts, Eliza
Virginia (Jenny) Yeatts, Rebecca Jane Yeatts, Isaac Anthony Yeatts, Jacob
Thomas Yeatts, Benjamin G. Yates, and Sybil William (Sibby) Yeatts. William
acquired Yates Tavern, located ΒΌ mile south of Gretna, in 1840 (Pittsylvania
County Deed Book 44, page 157). William D. Yates died about 1864 in Gretna.
After the death of her first husband, Mary B. Lipford Yates married William
S. Yates, son of William Thomas Yates and Mary (Polly) Shelhorse Yates.
Mary B. Lipford Yates died June 1873 in Gretna and her second husband
William S. Yates died August 1873.
Byrd R. Yates, born about 1823 in Pittsylvania County, married Julia R.
Lipford October 27, 1842. Julia was the daughter of Amos Lipford and
Elizabeth Frizzell and also the granddaughter of Anthony Par Lipford. Julia
and Byrd had two children: Elizabeth Ann (Bettie) Yates and James Yates.
Julia died 1846-1847 in Pittsylvania County. After Julia's death, Byrd
married Perninah "Nina" Keesee. Byrd R. Yates died December 1, 1860 in the
Submitted by Shirley L. Harris-Slocum, great great granddaughter of Amos
Lipford II

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