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Subject: Re: [LOCKE] Don's autosomal DNA test results!
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 18:53:45 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi Linda
Yes, the autosomal test looks at all the ancestors, male and female, not just the direct male or female lineages.
It appears it is only good back to about 4th to 5th cousins, but more inclinded to find 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins.
So there is some limitations with this test, anything past 4th and 5th cousins starts to become a bit "iffy".
So far I only have 3rd, 4th and 5th cousin matches, and do not have any 1st or 2nd cousin matches.

Knowing the family tree paper trails is pretty much a must in order for this test to make sense I think.
I would guess about 95% of my nearly 180 matches are to people and surnames I have never seen in my family tree.
But that remaining 5% of my matches has proven to be quite interesting matches!

One of my matches has Brooks in their tree, a surname well known in my Lock family! The participant emailed me last night acknowledging to me her Brooks family comes from Hart County Kentucky, the very place where the Lock's and Brooks migrated to from Barren County Ky.
So this female participant clearly has Brooks and Lock DNA in her in order for her to be a match to me.
I do not know yet exactly how this cousin is related to me, need to do a bit of research on the Brooks family, but I am betting there is a Lock directly related to that Brooks lineage.

In my direct Lock lineage, to my personal knowledge I have no direct Brooks blood ties, so our match I am betting has to be related to the Lock family through the Brooks family. There were multiple Lock / Brooks marriages over the generations, the family's are closely related to one another.

I have a match to a French Canadian of the Valcourt surname, a surname known to me because that was my great grand mothers surname!
My mothers grand mother! So yes it does look to the female side of the tree too. I knew my great grand mother, but knew very little about her family. We only knew her family were from Qubec and were French Canadians.
That was a match I really was not expecting to see, but was pleasantly surprised for it to show up :)


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Subject: Re: [LOCKE] Don's autosomal DNA test results!

Is this for girl's dna too.

In a message dated 12/22/2011 7:53:12 A.M. Central Standard Time,

For anyone interested, I had ordered the Family Finder DNA test and a
friend ran the numbers for me and here is my break down.

Dodecad results


8.18% East_European
57.22% West_European
22.36% Mediterranean
0.00% Neo_African
8.42% West_Asian
1.99% South_Asian
0.56% Northeast_Asian
0.00% Southeast_Asian
0.00% East_African
0.23% Southwest_Asian
0.00% Northwest_African
1.04% Palaeo_African

world9" calculator.


0.00% Amerindian
0.00% East_Asian
1.13% African
73.13% Atlantic_Baltic
0.00% Australasian
1.95% Siberian
13.24% Caucasus_Gedrosia
9.88% Southern
0.67% South_Asian

K12a calculator.

36.44% Mediterranean
0.00% Far_Asian
1.03% Siberian
45.59% North_European
0.00% South_Asian
0.00% West_African
6.12% Caucasus
9.30% Gedrosia
1.42% East_African
0.00% Southwest_Asian
0.00% Southeast_Asian
0.11% Northwest_African

africa9" calculator


62.42% Europe
5.53% NW_Africa
27.48% SW_Asia
0.00% E_Africa
0.00% S_Africa
4.27% Mbuti
0.00% W_Africa
0.00% Biaka
0.30% San

Multiple autosomal calculators were used to extract the percentages, and
my Asian percentages were actually higher then even I had anticipated!
If there were any doubts of my Romanichal "Gypsy" ancestry, there can't be
any question of it now! lol.
Between my Y DNA test and now autosomal test, both of which very clearly
speaks of my Lock family being of South Asian / Romanichal
"Gypsy" ancestry. :)

I was also told my 1.95% Siberian maybe directly due to having Native
American blood ties in my direct lineage, which I already knew that fact! My
grand fathers grand mother was part Cherokee, a fact I already knew about. If
the Siberian percentage does in fact = Native American, would amaze me
because she was only part Cherokee and distantly enough related to me that I
did not expect any NA showing up on my test results. But I may have more NA
blood ties then I know about! I have heard rumors over the years about
multiple family ties having other NA blood ties, but not proven NA blood ties.

What was a surprise is the African percentages! I have my Lock family tree
tracing back 10 generations in the USA, and not one known African blood
tie that I can account for, yet the autosomal calculators are clearly showing
some African blood ties in my immediate family tree. But if any of them
cousins were African's, I am not personally aware of that fact, yet! anyway!

I had zero doubts that my European percentages would be high! In the last
10 generations since in the USA, my Lock's have been marrying European
ladies, so I had no doubts my European percentages would be high.


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