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From: "George K. Halsell" <>
Subject: Re: LOFTIN-D Digest V98 #18
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 18:24:20 -0600


What would you like to know?

Ezekial's children were Asa, Giles T., Ezekiel (Jr.?), John, and Elizabeth.

Giles was born in GA in 1799, married Delilah unknown, who was born in GA
in 1805. He moved to Lawrence Co., MS, and lived there several years before
moving to LA sometime betw. 1838 and 1840. In 1842, he was livign in Union
Co., AR. In 1859, he moved to Erath Co., TX, and lived in the area of Rock
Church (near the Hood Co. border). He died in 1865 in Johnson Co., TX. His
children were:
Stephen (b. 1818 in Lawrence Co., MS)
Giles T., Jr. (b. 1819 in Lawrence Co., MS)
Amanda (b. 1821 in Lawrence Co., MS)
Elbert L. (b. 1823 in Lawrence Co., MS, d. betw. 1870 & 1880 in
Hood Co., TX))
Laney (b. 1827 in Lawrence Co., MS)
Thomas (b. 1830 in Lawrence Co., MS)
George W. (b. 1835 in Lawrence Co., MS)
William Taylor (b. 1838 in Lawrence Co., MS)
Christopher C. (b. 1842 in Union Co., AR)
Marcus Cicero (b. 1843 in Union Co., AR)

Elbert L. married Nancy unknown in 1841, either in Lawrence Co., MS, or in
LA. In 1844 he was living in Union Co., AR, and came to Rock Church, Erath
Co., TX in 1859 or 1860. He later moved into Hood Co. (probably to around
Tolar), and remained there until his death. He is probably buried at Rock
Church Cemetery, however. His children were:
(daughter) (b. 1842 in LA)
John D. (b. 1843 in LA)
Minnie (b. 1844 in Union Co., AR)
Christopher C. (b. 1845 in Union Co., AR)(this is my gggrandfather)
Elbert (b. 1847 in Union Co., AR)
Elizabeth (b. 1849 in Union Co., AR)
Lidia A. (b. 1850 in Union Co., AR)
Francis (b. 1851 in Union Co., AR)
Margaret (b. 1852 in Union Co., AR)
Nancy J. (b. 1854 in Union Co., AR)
Edward C. (b. 1856 in Union Co., AR, d. 1899 nr. Tolar, Hood Co., TX)
Henry R. (b. 1857 in Union Co., AR)

I have information on the descendants of Christopher C. Loftin and Edward
C. Loftin (sons of Elbert L.), as well as a little on Elbert's son Elbert
(I don't know whether he qualifies as a "junior" or not), if you or anyone
else is interested.

The information I have on a couple of Benoni's sons varies a little with
what you have. I show Thomas as having been born in 1737, and his wife's
name was Francis Cox. Also, I show Elkanah's dates as 1726-1792, both
events in NC, though I think your birth date of c. 1746 is probably more

Most of the information I have comes from a laser-printed Loftin genealogy
that I found in the Granbury (Hood Co., TX) Public Library. It carries no
copyright, and also no compiler or author, but was probably put together by
a descendant of Edward C. Loftin, through his son John Worth Loftin. (If
the author is on this list, **thank you** for providing this information,
and do let yourself be known - I'd love to compare notes with you!).

Here's a question of a little bit more general interest, particularly for
those of you that descended from Benoni: his biography says that he was a
member of the Craven Co. Militia in NC, and that this "gave Colonial Dames
Eligibility". What does this statement mean? Is this the same as saying
that his descendants are eligible for membership in the D.A.R. (or S.A.R),
or is there an organization called the Colonial Dames?

Thank you for answers to my question, and I hope the information I've
provided will help you, Beverly, or someone else.

George K. Halsell
Twin Falls, ID

>Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 16:24:43 -0500
>From: Beverly Rose Morris <>
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>Subject: Re: Benoni Loftin
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>Beverly Rose Morris wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can you help me on my Loftin line?
>> My line is Benoni Loftin born Jan 16, 1700/1701 in Chowan Co. North
>> Carolina, he married ab 1740 Susannah Burtonshall daughter of Richard
>> Burtonshall and Priscilla. Benoni was the son of Leonard Loftin born
>> aprox 1654 in Penn. and mother Elizabeth.last name unknown. The children
>> of Benoni and Susannah are:
>> Ezekiel Loftin born Aug 17 1750 in Dobbs co. North Carolina died
>> in Oakvale Lawrence Co. Mississippi. he married Charlotte , last name
>> unkown and Jennie (Virginia) Linder in 1791 in Dobbs Co. North
>> carolina.
>> Thomas Loftin born aprx 1741 died sept. 1794 in Craven co. N. C.
>> married a Francis
>> Elizabeth Loftin born abt 1743 nothing else known
>> John Loftin born abt. 1745, nothing else known.
>> Elkanah Loftin born abt 1746 in Dobbs Co. N. C. marrie Rachel
>> Herring and Ann Lovick nothing else known.
>> Leonard Loftin born abt 1747, nothing else known.
>> Frederick Loftin born abt 1749 in Craven co. N. C. nothing else
>> Francis Loftin born abt. 1752 in dobbs Co. N.C. nothing else
>> known.
>> Samuel Loftin born aprox 1754 nothing else known.

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