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From: "silverfox11" <>
Subject: [LOGUE-L] for Diana Laws Palmer
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 16:21:16 -0500

Didn't see an e-mail address to do this personally to you so had to send it
through the list.
This is info on the brothers and sisters of James Buchanan the President.
Hope you find what you are looking for.
Carol-Jeanne Turk

From: silverfox11 <>
Subject: James Buchanan Part 4
Date: Thursday, October 15, 1998 12:45 PM

This is the final posting for the children of the siblings of James B.
This was taken from Burke’s Presidential Families of the USA.

This is the family of Edward Young Buchanan, youngest of the Buchanan

Edward Young Buchanan (Rev)DD, b 1811, m 1833, Ann Eliza Foster, sister of
Stephen C. Foster, the poet and composer, and d 1895 having issue.
1. James Buchanan, priv sec to his uncle Pres Buchanan, b 1834, m 1868,
Florence Myers, and d 1871
2. Charlotte Foster Buchanan, b 1836 d 1850
3. Ann Elizabeth Speer Buchanan, b 1838, d unmarried 1927
4. Harriet Buchanan, b 1841, d unmarried 1912
5. Edward Young Buchanan, Jr., b 1843, m 1870, Agnes Scott, and d 1927,
leaving issue.
A. James Buchanan, d unmarried
B. Agnes Foster Buchanan, m 1908, Daniel Crosby, MD and d 1924
C. Henrietta Jane Buchanan, d unmarried 1894
6. Henrietta Jane Buchanan, b 1844; d unmarried 1906
7. Maria Lois Buchanan, b 1847, m Alexander Johnston Cassatt, Pres of
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. (B 1839 d 1906), and d 1920 having issue
A. Lt-Col Edward Buchanan Cassatt, b 1869, m 1st Emily Louise Phillips
and had issue
1. Lois Buchanan Cassatt, m 1917, John Borland Thayer, III and has
had issue.
a. John Borland Thayer, IV, b 1918 m 1942, Charlotte Rush Toland
and has issue
1. Lois Cassatt Thayer, b 1943
2. John Borland Thayer,V, b 1946
3. Emily B. Thayer, b 1953
4. Edward Dale Thayer, b 1955
b. Alexander Johnson Cassatt Thayer, b and d 1919
c. Edward Cassatt Thayer, b 1920; lost in action over the Pacific
d. Lois Thayer b 1923, m 1945, William West Frazier, Jr, and has
1. Lois Frazier, b 1946
2. William West Frazier, III, b 1949
e. Julie Thayer, b 1928, m 1953, C. Oliver Iselin, III, and has
1. Julie Iselin, b 1958
f. Pauline Thayer, b 1930, m 1954, James Robert Maguire, lawyer,
and has issue
1. James Robert Maguire, b 1955
2. Pauline Thayer Maguire, b 1956
3. George E. B. Maguire, b 1958
A. Lt-Col Edward Buchanan Cassatt, m 2ndly, Eleanor Blackford Smith and
d 1922 having by her issue
2. Edward Buchanan Cassatt, b 1910; d 1911
B. Katherine Kelso Johnston Cassatt, b 1871, m 1903, James Pemberton
Hutchinson, MD, and d 1905
C. Robert Kelso Cassatt, b 1873, m 1900, Minnie Drexel Fell (d 1955)
and d 1944 having had issue
1. Sarah D. Cassatt, d an infant
2. Alexander Johnston Cassatt, b 1904, m 1st 1928, Cassandra Morris,
and has issue
a. Robert Kelso Cassatt, b 1929, m 1954, Sheila Simpson and has
1.Lydia S. Cassatt
2. Sheila S. Cassatt
b. Alexander Johnston Cassatt, b 1933
c. Cassandra Cassatt, b 1939
2. Alexander Johnston Cassatt, m 2ndly Leona E. Burns
3. Anthony Drexel Cassatt, m 1930, Madeleine Cochrane (widow of
--Randolph) and had issue
a. Minnie Fell Cassatt, b 1931, m 1953, Daniel Willis James
D. Eliza Foster Cassatt, b 1875, m 1902, William Plunket Stewart, and d
1931, having had issue
1. Alexander Johnston Cassatt Stewart, b 1903, d 1912
2. Katherine Kelso Stewart, b 13July1903, Bar Harbor, Maine, m 1932,
Vicomte Eric Antoine Ghislain Joseph de Spoelberch (b Brussels, Belgium,
15Feb1903; d 27Jan1939), and has issue
a. Vicomte Guillaume De Spoelberch, b Brussels 28Mar1933
b. Vicomte Jacques de Spoelberch, b Brussels, 8June1936
3. Doris Lurman Stewart, b 1910, m 1931, William Potter Wear, and has
a. Elsie Cassatt Wear, b 1933, m 1952, James Stockwell
b. Joseph Wear, b 1935
c. Nancy Holliday Wear, b 1937, m 1960, Frank Lyon Polk, Jr.
d. A son, b and d 1939
e. Priscilla Stewart Wear, b 1942
4. Elsie Cassatt Stewart, b 1915, m 1944, Thomas F. Simmons
8. (Child of Edward Young Buchanan) William Foster Buchanan, b 1849, d
unmarried 1875
9. Ridley Buchanan, b and d 1851
10. Alice Conyngham Buchanan, b 1853, m 1876, Maskell Ewing (b 1847; d
1931) and d 1931, having had issue
A. Cornelia Lansdale Ewing, b 1877, m 1898, Robert E. Brooke (d 1942)
1. Robert Clymer Brooke, b 1898, m 1st 1925, Virginia Lafayette
Blair, and has issue
a. Virginia Blair Brooke, b 1927, m 1949, Nathaniel Ramsay
Pennypacker, and has issue
1. D. Ramsay Pennypacker,
b. Robert Clymer Brooke, Jr, b 1929, m Ellen--, and has issue
1. Robert Clymer Brooke, m 2ndly Miriam Clymer
2. Maskell Ewing Brooke, b 1903
3. John Louis Barde Brooke, b 1906, m 1946, Louisa Geary Ludlow, and
has issue
a. Louisa G. Brooke
b. Cornelia E. Brooke
c. John L. Brooke
d. James B. Brooke
4. Cornelia Lansdale Brooke, b 1912, m 1940, Charles Donnell
Marshall, Jr. and has issue
a. Charles Noble Marshall b 1942
b. Alice Brooke Marshall, b 1944
c. Eliza Phipps Marshall
B. Alice Buchanan Ewing, b 1879; d unmarried
C. Anne Foster Ewing, b 1880; d unmarried 1909
D. Lois Buchanan Ewing, b and d 1884
E. Maskell Ewing, Jr. b 1885; d unmarried 1938
F. Buchanan Ewing, b 1887, m 1915, Belinda Meeks, and d 1930, leaving
1. Helen Ewing, b 1916, m 1938, Richard Rundle Pleasants and has
a. Belinda Pleasants, b 1941
b. Elizabeth Pleasants
2. Buchanan Ewing, Jr. b 1917, m 1941, Gretchen Winifred Wunder, and
has issue
a. Buchanan Ewing, III, b 1942
b. Timothy Wunder Ewing, d an infant
3. James Hunter Ewing, b 1920
4. Edward Buchanan Ewing, b 1921

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