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Subject: [London-Companys] London Port 1635 ff
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 16:25:42 +0000
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London Port, 1635 ff

"Migration and the Origins of the English Atlantic World," by Allison
Games, pub. 1999 by Harvard University Press, is based upon the 1635
London Port Book. She follows the lives of hundreds of passengers to New
England, the Chesapeake, Bermuda and the Caribbean, illuminating day-to-day
realities of emigration, the environments in which the emigrants found
themselves, and how new settlements across the Atlantic were integrated,
both internally and with their mother country.

Allison Games ferreted out details of the lives of many emigrants, after
they left London, from diverse records. A review of recent literature in
the October-December 1999 issue of the "Great Migration Newsletter" highly
recommends her book.

We sometimes focus on a single leg of emigrant conveyance, such as the
delivery of colonists to Virginia by the Earl of Warwick's ships in 1619,
and ignore the very next leg of the ships' journey--raiding Spanish
settlements in the Caribbean. Like a cross-country truck driver, a ship's
owner could double his profit with return cargo across the Atlantic. If
nothing else, he needed ballast. We can also imagine piracy as a
politically correct entertainment.

Port books are more often studied by economic historians than
genealogists. For those who wish to try these waters, see some of the many
harbor records which have been published:

"The Maritime Trade of the East Anglian Ports 1550-1590 [esp. King's Lynn &
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk]," by N. J. Williams, pub. 1988 by Clarendon Press.

"The Port Books of Boston [Lincolnshire] 1601-1640," ed. by Raymond Hinton
1956 for the Lincoln Record Society.

"The Gloucester Port Books 1575-1765," pub. as a database on CD Rom by Adam

"Customs Letter Books of the Port of Liverpool [Lancastershire] 1711-1813,"
pub. 1954 for the Chetam Society, Series 3, vol. 6.

"The Port Books of Southampton [Hampshire]" pub. 1913 by Cox & Sharland.

Welsh Port Books 1550-1603," pub. 1927 by the Honourable Society of

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