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From: "Talbot Hill" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 20:53:58 +1000

Gidday to All from Sunny Australia,

Giddaayyee Youse All,
A message flew in through my keyboard recently from Margaret Morters a
N.S.W. Aust resident Genie
with a tip and at the time I thought . Gawd - That's been bugging me for
yonks why doesn't all the blokes and sheilas do just exactly that????????
It's worth repeatin'................ So how about it? Please, please,
please......... Just do it!!
When you send send a snail letter to someone you always state your snail
address........ right?
Why do most whom float a message on this forum not add their address is
beyond me! Your complete signature address isn't necessary but it would be
nice to know at least from which State or Country you're calling from. It's
a bit of slef-advertising.
We often get a tickle when we see some kind soul answer our query for help
when we find out that the response came across from the other side of the
Back in the "Good Old Days" when bulletin boards (bbs) were "the thing"
friendships were commenced as we chatted via messages and in some cases two
chatteres arranged a permanent relationship.
I'm not suggesting that I am intending to become a marriage counsellor but
it would be great to know just from where in this universe I am helping or
receiving help from.....
Let us pinch that famous sporting
logo...................................."JUST DO IT!"
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