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From: John Beeston <>
Subject: RE: pianoforte maker
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 17:12:56 +0100

Thanks for that - my connection to this is one Joseph Beeston of Cromer Street, Somerston / St. Pancras.Which looks as though it is in the same general area as your man.

If I come across him I will certainly let you know.

Your mail generated an odd message on my system - see below.


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Sent: 29 April 1998 07:52
Subject: pianoforte maker

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From: Paul Moir-Riches on Wed, Apr 29, 1998 7:52 AM
Subject: pianoforte maker

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Subject:pianoforte maker
My family Phillip RICHES and sons were pianoforte makers in the area of
Euston Station(Camden Town).At one time they worked for one of the large firms
as many others did.When times were good,then many workers set up their own
businesses assembling pianos as my family did.When times were hard then they
moved back into the big firms.At one stage there were 200 piano making firms
in this area.
If you should happento come across any reference to Phillip Riches in your
researches then woiuld you let me know.Could you also give me the name of your
relations and i will keep an eye out for them.
Good hunting
Paul Moir-Riches.

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