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From: <>
Subject: Thanks to you all
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 09:44:04 EDT

Dear All , Thank you so much for you kind words and useful tips regarding my
Hard Drive disaster . I now have a ZIP DRIVE installed which i copy eveything
in to so i'll never lose it again . Ofcourse this now means i have to root
through the old bits of paper that i had written everything down on . I have
found by doing this that i am finding little "aside" notes that i written
about certain things and had forgotten about . Some of these old notes are
turning out to be useful . I would advise anyone who still has thier old bits
of papers from research days gone by to go back and take some time to go
through them . You might be surprised by what you find and what you'd
forgotten about .
As for what happened with my computer and my loss , after some thought
i realised , i have my health , my loved ones and a great life , so why dwell
on something that cannot be retrieved . There are people out there starving
and homeless . So what if it's going to take me months to get everything back
together , it's turning out to be quite a useful exercise . Thanks again to
all .

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