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From: Harry Duckworth <>
Subject: Re: Fordham, London
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 09:26:38 -0500 (CDT)

Bruce Fordham wrote:

>I have traced my family back as far as HENRY ALEXANDER FORDHAM, b. 30 Oct
>1832, Christened at St Edmond The King and Martyr, Lombard Street,
>Southwark on 2 December 1832: son of James and Lucinda, James described as
>a chemist of 6 Three Kings Court.
>Trying to trace his Father I have come across a record of James Fordham,
>Christened on 1 April 1804 at St Saviour's, Southwalk. I have no direct
>evidence of the relationship.
>Can anyone help me to obtain further information or advise me of the likely
>sources of records.

The parish of St Edmund the King & Martyr, Lombard Street, is not in
Southwark (the district south of the Thames, expanding out from the end of
London Bridge), but in the heart of the city of London itself - what people
now call the Financial District. The parish included parts of Lombard
Street (where all the old banks were) and the adjacent courts; it was a
high-rent district in the 18th and 19th centuries, with most buildings
devoted to business premises. I expect that a chemist's in Three King
Court, Lombard Street, would have been a pretty solid business There's an
excellent chance that your Fordham, the chemist, is listed in the London
Directories, so a likely source of further information would be those - you
should be able to trace the history of the business year by year, and get
the names of any partners, business predecessors, and so on. Sometimes the
partners' families intermarried. Almost certainly he and his family were
living over the shop.

It would be a good idea to make sure that you have the names of all the
children of James and Lucinda - either comb the IGI, or look up the
original entries in the register of St Edmund the King. I'd also try hard
to find an index entry to the marriage of James Fordham and Lucinda in the
IGI - the names are unusual enough that you should be able to recognize
them, though they may not have married in London. If you find this index
entry, and look up the original parish register entry, that will give the
home parishes of both parties; with luck, there will be hint as to where
James came from, unless he was already living in the parish of St Edmund
the King. There's no reason to assume that he was born in London - most
Londoners came in from the country.

Another potential source would be apprenticeship and other records of the
Company of Apothecaries, which are now held at the Guildhall Library,
London. An on-line edition of their leaflet on genealogical records for
physicians, surgeons and apothecaries, which explains the records in
detail, is at the Web site:

James Fordham, baptized at St Saviour's in 1804, could be your man, but
you're right, there's no special reason to think so unless you can get more

Good luck!

Harry Duckwort

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