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From: Vic Denham <>
Subject: Re: Big London List
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 21:07:27 +1000

Hi Listers,

I agree with Kim, finding places in London from overseas is mind
racking, without books of help you get nowhere and when you do get them
not everything is listed ( as my request for Ponsonby Terrace, Vauxhall
). We from overseas appreciate the help we get, from one and all. I
don't mind reading 60 or so a day, keep it up please.


Beaufort, Victoria, Australia
where is our rain, who has it???

The people on this list

Kim Tomlinson wrote:
> Hi Listers
> Christopher Challener wrote - "does anyone find this the biggest list of
> all?" and "how about splitting it into London N and London S etc?".
> Yes, I do find this the biggest list of all, and it takes ages to read all
> the messages every day. BUT, although having lived in Farnborough, Hants
> (only 30 or so miles from London), until 15 years ago, there are many, many
> places in London which I have heard of but have no idea where they are.
> It must be a real problem for folks from far-flung places who haven't got a
> clue where ANYTHING is in London!
> Just think how clogged these proposed smaller lists would be with people
> asking "am I on the right list?".
> I think we will just have to stick with the big list - which will now be
> huge with all the discussions on this topic!
> What do others think?
> >From Kim Tomlinson

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