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From: "JohnFHH" <>
Subject: Re: A PUZZLE - very VERY short Birth certificate
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 01:00:54 +0100

Hi Listers,
Here's a puzzle for some keen kind soul. I received a very
short certificate of registration of birth from Suzanne Phillips at
<> the like of which I had seen before. Some I'm posting
my reply to her in the sure hope that someone will solve the mystery.


Well, it came through successfully :-) I must same I am impressed by the
quality - what sort of scanner is it?

Back to the certificate: It appears that this is exactly what it says it it
is, a certificate of the fact that the Birth of JAMES HENRY BODENHAM on 30th
November 1893 was duly registered as entry no. 273 in the Regiser Book,
presumably on 10th January 1894, when B.H.Heutsch, the Registrar of the
London Road Sub-District issued it. For what ever reason a full certificate
was not issued : I have never seen one of these before, si I do not know if
they were issued automatically or only if no full certificate was issued.
There were have been various free certificates down the years for the
purpose of various Acts of Parliament, and I have seen some of these.
If we assume the full certificate was ot issued it could be:
Because the parents could not afford the certificate
Because they didn't like some of the details which appeared - parents not
married, no father, poor.

However, you should have enough information to obtain a full certificate,
always providing you can locate the Registration District in which there was
a London Road sub-district. Unfortunately many places have a London Road and
I suspect there will be more than one Sub-District with the name.
I tried looking for Heutsch in the 1881, but to no avail for exact spelling
and the possible variations are too great.

So I shall copy this to Genbrit and the London lists in the hope that some
knows the answer or a source for sub-districts. I wonder too what was on the



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From: Suzanne Phillips <To: JohnFHH <Date: 21 August 1999 22:30 Subject: Re:

>Hi John, the paper I have does not look like a birth certificate,
>instead it looks like a birth Reg. I scanned the paper, I do not have an
>original, my Aunt sent me the copy. I did notice that the paper said
>(over) I wonder if there was more on the other side?
>Anyway I hope this is not too large. Let me know if it is and I can scan

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