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From: "JohnFHH" <>
Subject: Re: Two Baptisms
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 09:20:24 +0100

>Hi Mary
>Some odd ramblings for you to pickover and make of them what you will or
>"delete" !
>If you have checked the originals for the IGI entries was there no date of
>birth tucked away somewhere?
>Most parish registers (but sadly not all) were at this date adding the date
>of birth (sometimes in the margin or by the minister's signature. They were
>also (again not all) putting an address, tho just a street name or district
>someimes.(I see you had New Street for both entries),
>I think you are on the right lines, tho' he should have been submitted to
>the ceremony again of course.
>It woiuld be worth going back to the registers (film) and looking at the
>ther entries for the same day in each case - there might be a clue there -
>was the first Youngman child baptized at the same time for instance?
>Where did Leyton fit in to the travels (and travails) of Elizabeth ?
>Where were all the Eldridge/Youngman siblings baptized?
>(VERY far-fetched this - if the first Edward died, were there any good
>reasons (will, timber business) for passing off the second as son of
>How many William ELDRIDGEs, Elizabeth ELDRIDGEs, indeed ELDRIDGEs are
>in Deptford in the period 1800-1840?
>John Henley (if it bounces try again, trouble withISP,I am still here:-) ]
>HILL [Staffs/Cambs/Berks]
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>From: Date: 30 September 1999 16:28Subject: Two Baptisms
>> My NZ connection and I have been puzzling over this for a long time
>>thought I'd see if you think it's possible for a child to be baptized
>> In searching for the birthdate of my great great grandfather, Edward
>>Eldridge, I found 2 entries in the IGI:
>>Christened: 22 Dec 1811 Deptford, Saint Nicholas, London, England
>>Father: Wm. ELDRIDGE
>>Mother: Elizth.
>>Batch number: P001622
>>Christened: 26 Dec 1813 Deptford, Saint Paul, London, England
>>Father: Willm. ELDRIDGE
>>Mother: Elizth.
>>Batch number: P006301
>>Place, parents' names, and dates all agree. From parish records comes the
>>1811 22 Sept death of William ELDRIDGE wood dealer New St.
>>1811 22 Dec bap St Nicholas Edward s Will/Eliz ELDRIDGE wood dealer New
>>1812 5 March St Mary Leyton, marriage of Elizabeth Eldridge, widow, and
>>James Youngman
>>1813 26 Dec bap St Pauls Edward s Will/Elizabeth ELDRIDGE shopkeeper,
>>St Deptford
>> Here's the scenario -- Elizabeth Eldridge's husband dies while she's
>>pregnant with their son Edward. Although previous children, William &
>>Ann Eldridge, were bap at St Paul's Deptford, Edward is baptized in 1811
>>St Nicholas. Next spring, Elizabeth remarries. In 1813 Edward Eldridge is
>>rebaptized at St Paul's????
>> We just can't believe there could be 2 Edward Eldridges born to
>>with the same names at the same addresses. As for shopkeeper, Elizabeth
>>listed in an old directory as a shopkeeper after she was widowed.
>>age on census returns matches an 1811 birth.
>> We've worked everything out with the Youngmans and Eldridges -- their
>>lumber business in Bermondsey, and so on -- but these 2 baptisms have us
>> Could Elizabeth have been too ill after Edward's birth to see to his
>>baptism? Her parents, relatives, friends, took the boy to St Nicholas and
>>did the deed? Later Elizabeth wanted the child bap at St Paul's like his
>> Any ideas appreciated!>Mary in Maryland

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