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From: "John Henley" <>
Subject: Re: New to Genealogy
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999 15:57:09 +0100

Hi Sandra
Could you share with us what you know? especially any place and (even
approx) dates, and also where you are (UK?, USA? Timbuctoo?)
For example:
Lets's assume BLOGGS is one of your grandparents. You might actually know
the following, and if you post it, someone may than be anle to help.
So " My grandfather John BLOGGS married Mary DOE about 1943. They were both
living in Barsetshire when they died in the 1960s. John was born about 1920.
They had three children, Fred BLOGGS (my father), Joan and William."
If you were to post that, someone would ask you the following questions.
"Have you obtained any certificates? You have enough information to obtain
the following by searching the General Register Office quarterly indexes:
The death certificates of John & Mary BLOGGS this will give their ages,
occupations and places of death and residence at time of death.
The birth certficates of Fred, Joan & William: this will give you where your
grandparents were living at the time of their births. you may have some of
these already, or be absolutely certain as to the dates and places.
You can then work back from the year of the oldest birth searching for John
& Mary's marriage certificate
Order the marriage certificate, and it wll give you the ages of John & Mary
at the marriage, their residences, and their fathers' names. "

hope this helps

John Henley (if it bounces try again, trouble withISP,I am still here:-) ]
HILL [Staffs/Cambs/Berks]

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From: sandra fordham <Date: 03 October 1999 15:06Subject: New to Genealogy
>I don't know whether I am doing this right, but I am very new to genealogy,
>and am having trouble firstly, getting past our grand-parents, also made
>harder by some of the common or there again uncommon surnames. Can anyone
>help me - at least get into the 1860's-ish. Many thanks. Sandra x
>As far as we know, they are all London based - Walthamstow, to be more
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