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From: "Ed McKie" <>
Subject: Re: Thames Watermen and Lightermen
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 21:06:34 +1000

G,day Liz

Yes the records have been filmed and available through the LDS in the usual

I can never remember how to get to the list on the catalogue, but if you go
to the film/fiche lookup- the last film I looked at was 1067049, and that
will bring up the full list for you. There are a considerable number of
films as there are a lot of records, but the apprentice records to which the
index refers is spread over three films.


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From: Elizabeth Garnett <>
To: <>
Date: 04 October 1999 10:03
Subject: Thames Watermen and Lightermen

>Morning Listers
>This is my first posting to list after lurking for some time. I hope
somebody can help me.
>A recent visit to my Local LDS family History Centre led me to discover
their newly acquired Cotterills Index of Thames Watermen and Lightermen. I
found quite a few of my ancestors listed who were waterment at Gravesend. I
believe the original entries are kept at the Guildhall Library (Ref;
MS6291). As I live in Australia, it is impossible for me to visit and view
these myself. Can anyone tell me if they have been filmed at all by the LDS
and if so, where on their catalogue would I find it. Otherwise, who can I
contact to look at the entries for me and copy out the relevent information
>Thanks in advance
>Liz Garnett
>Researching JAMES TOOMEY LEVIS PEARCY and unfortunately SMITH in
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