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From: Eve McLaughlin <>
Subject: Re: London Research sources 1600s
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 20:42:11 +0100

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>Hi All!
>Could anyone recommend research source material for London merchants in early
>1600s. I am finding early ancestors in the colonies of Barbados, New England
>and Virginia/Maryland who had family connections (brothers, cousins etc) as
>merchants of London. I believe they stayed connected for business
>(merchant/mariner) pursuits.
>Does anyone know of good source material that discusses merchant trade from
>London with the colonies and are there any records of that time period
>concerning London merchants?

State Papers deal with a lot of the trade where it involved duties,
official intervention in disputes, poltical overtones etc. I imagine
really major Univesities with historical linbraies would hold a set.
Then there are compilations of extracts from original documents on
various matters affecting merchants. One i very much recommend is
'17th Century Economic Documents' (by J Thirk and J P Cooper (Oxford
University Press1972), which is excellent, and again, something a decent
History Department should have. Most of the sources are original
manuscripts in the Public Record office or the British Museum.
The Inland Trade (T S Willan, Manchester University Press 1976) is
another useful book - dealing mainly with internal trade, by by
merchants importing and exporting, disposing of the end product.
An American book is Documents illustrative of the History of the Slave
Trade in Ameica vol I 1441-1700 (E. Donnan) (New York 1965)
A special (important) area article is Merchants and Merchandise in
Sebventeenth Century Bristol (Patrick McGrath, Bristol Record Society
XIX 1955 p23-4)
The Hudson's Bay Recoprd Society published 'The HB Copybooke of Letters
Commissions, instructions, Outwards 1688-96 (ed. E E Rich. HB Recond Soc
XX 1957 pp185-7 etc selected to 200

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