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From: "Sally Thompson" <>
Subject: Re: Researching AMOR
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 14:14:46 +0100

victor amor <> wrote
> Thanks Josi, Ian, Brenda & Christine for yr messages of hope! I am
> that the system works but would still like to know why what appears to
be a
> correctly addressed message is returned by THE POSTMASTER as

Victor: You may have realised by now that there is some idiot at work
who is maliciously sending emails to people on this list as though their
messages had been undeliverable. If you right click on the
"undeliverable mail" messages and look at the properties, you will find
that they are not from the Postmaster at all. The problem is being
compounded because some of those receiving the "undeliverable mail" msgs
are then re-sending their original messages, clogging up the list and
causing a more than usual feeling of deja vu amongst the rest of us.

Sally in Sussex, UK
(Particularly researching ASTEN, London, STAFFORD, Sunderland and
LICENCE, Norfolk)

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