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From: Ian Newman <>
Subject: Re: Son's homework -Great Fire of London 1666
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 01:22:09 +0800

At 06:49 09-10-99 PDT, sandra fordham wrote:
<slightly singed>
>The question is: Is there a site that has maps of London during it's
>various stages of development? My son was thinking of putting in a >map
of London before the Great Fire and after.
>If there is, it could be very helpful. I think there is one, but I cannot
>find it amongst my list of sites.
>He needs this information by Tuesday if possible - but if not - it would
>still be interesting to know if such a site exists.
>Many thanks,
>Sandra :)

G'day Sandra,

As a kid (why, - just the other day!) I remember visiting both the Natural
History Museum and the Science Museum in London, and seeing a detailed
display in one of them (sorry, memory fails me there!) about the fire.
They may have web sites with maps if you're lucky, or try typing it in to a
search engine and see what comes up.

I believe it was started by the King's baker in Pudding Lane and the
"Monument" (All those stairs!) marks the spot where it started. Another
marker is in Richmond Park to denote the furthest extent of the fire.

On a lighter note, the baker up the road died the other day.

He trod on a bun and the current went up his leg.



Ian Newman
in Oz.

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